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  1. UH-1B SAR HAF

  2. SF2

  3. Three screenshots using Anatolia terrain.Flying over Aegean and low level flying A-7s ,and F-4 flying close to mount Olympus.All HAF planes Edit:How to post bigger screenshots? Edit2: Thank you elephant for your help.It seems that I had a problem because a was getting that message:"You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community" So I decided to do it with attaching the files.Γεια και χαρά και σε εσένα!!!
  4. The problem I guess is that they are training aircraft and this is why you can not switch to front seat.
  5. How do you change station?At the "LTV A-H/E & TA-7H/C Corsair II Polemikì Aeroporìa (HAF) pack 1.0" you start at the back seat.How do you change to front seat so you can see the HUD etc? I mean I cannot find any controls although I remember you can do it.
  6. In a two seater airplane,when you start to copilot seat,how do you change/switch to pilot?Haven't find anything.
  7. Mirage 2000B Export Vol. 1

    It seems that I cannot choose AA weapons.Am I doing something wrong or it is supposed to not have any AA?Anyway good work and thanks.
  8. I couldn't agree more.These events adds to realism of the campaign and represent three different aircraft generations for each country.
  9. Trully nasty. Ideal to spread havoc and panic among your enemies.BUT I still prefer CBU's...
  10. Thanks about that and thanks to everyone for your suggestions!!!!
  11. Most of my CAS missions are in South Vietnam.My fav plane is F-4 (even in WOE) so this is the plane I use more.I thought that napalms would have more deadly effect. Anyway as I can see almost every weapon does its damage and it is up to everybody to use what he likes. I'll stick with CBU's and rockets. Also I will carry always one napalm so I can please Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore who loves the smell of them in the morning...
  12. Crazyhorse I want to save my 20mm ammo for air to air combat.Nightshade I never used MK-82's in soft targets I'll give it a try,and the mavericks are not such a bad idea.
  13. I am currently playing the WOV air & ground war Exp. pack.So when it comes to soft armor targets such as vehicles or troops which is best?CBU's or napalms? I started choosing napalms to my loadout but they didn't do much damage to troops.On the other side CBU's where absolutely lethal. I also load rockets to strictly CAS missions. Maybe it is just my idea maybe I am doing something wrong. What is your prefered weapon loadout against soft armor targets?
  14. I would like to play a Greek-Turkish conflict. Aerial battles over the Aegean and deep strikes on the Greek and Turkish territory. Also it would be interesting to see western VS western planes. And of course both sides should be playable.I am asking too much don't I?

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