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  1. Gaining height. Same in UE/PE Gaining height is a circle up process and occurs if close to lines. If far from lines (not very often) they will gain height en-route. HTH WM
  2. Joystick not recognized

    Make sure you have no stuck buttons on the controller. Also make sure you have no third party joystick or button app scripts running. Its the same setup app as WOFF1 WM
  3. WOFF BH&H II - Install Notes

    Pol has just reminded me there are a few AC that have revised skin layouts so you cannot use player created custom skins from UE/PE in BH&HII for: Albatros DI Albatros DII Apart from these two AC all player created custom skins made for WOFFUE/PE can be used in BH&HII HTH WM
  4. WOFF BH&H II - Install Notes

    Pilots can be taken forward as mentioned, and sure if you have custom skins they will work still as well. HTH WM
  5. Yes they are the same, and before you even do the tests - BH&HII will have slightly lower FPS as you get nothing for nothing. In other words you cannot have better graphics, better AI, better AC, and animations for all AI and player, and not incur a performance drop. If only it were so. WM
  6. WOFF BH&H II - Install Notes

    Well I am sure you can make a good decision as time goes on. There is nothing that PE has over BH&HII. WM
  7. WOFF BH&H II - Install Notes

    Yep its one or the other, as both games use the same resources - if you don't like BH&HII then you can uninstall it and reinstall UE/PE. You can use your WOFFUE/PE pilots in BH&HII but you cannot then take pilots from BH&HII back to UE/PE. HTH WM
  8. We are currently in beta test phase of our new WOFF BH&H II product and will announce a release date here and on our web site in the coming weeks! ...like two or more ..... In the meantime check out our website for some great vids, pictures etc. and here on CA in the WOFF BH&H II general discussion section! WM
  9. WOFF BH&H II is Coming Soon!

    Just a quick update from me on progress. The BH&H II release build is compiled and uploaded to 2Checkout, our e-tailer, but alas they have not managed to make it live, as we had hoped, before the Easter weekend. I will keep you all updated but its next week at the soonest at the moment, and all I can say is that at the moment it is out of our hands. WM
  10. A few days back I indicated that I would announce some plans for WOTR. It is intended that there will be a DLC in the works to bring the 'engine' up to the same spec as our flagship BH&H II product which is releasing soon. The DLC will comprise of the 'engine update' - this is feasible as a DLC as opposed to a new standalone product, as WOTR is already ahead of WOFFUE/PE in terms of 'engine version'. In addition there will be new AC, as well as updated existing flyable AC to bring them in line as well. More details on the WOTR DLC will be made available once we have gotten through the release of BH&HII.
  11. WOFF BH&H II is Coming Soon!

    Still on track..... WM
  12. WOFF BH&H II is Coming Soon!

    Still on track for a release of BH&H II 1st week in April. Also I'll announce some news on intended WOTR development in a few days. WM
  13. WOTR Screenshots and Videos

    Great pics thanks Adger - yep WOTR is moving here too! Ta WM
  14. Welcome!

    Yeah welcome to our new home! WM
  15. WOFF BH&H II is Coming Soon!

    Just a quick update from me - things are going very well with Beta Test and we are on track to hopefully release end of March (2021) So yeah that's about two weeks... coincidentally.... WM
  16. Umm...

    Just to confirm what Pol has said - we are a very small team and have decided not to endorse an 'official forum' outside of our normal OBD website which exists for Official Announcements, Updates, Statuses, Downloads and Support channels. We will be opening new WOFF oriented content on our Official OBD website in due course. Sincerely OBD Software
  17. Not at all HTH = Hope This Helps..
  18. P4 is developed on Win7 and runs on win7, as does P3. There is no backdating required - how do you backdate an OS? At this moment in time we cannot comment about Win8 so we may have to say 'maybe' on that at release. WM
  19. OFF2 DEVELOPMENT Screenshots

    Bullet holes are displayed - depends on levels of damage - in the pics we are showing major damage states... we will show more minor damage states in time... WM
  20. OFF2 DEVELOPMENT Screenshots

    That no longer happens...we hated that too.... WM
  21. Firstly we dont rip sounds from you tube videos. Secondly that video is about a year old - we released OFF a long time before that.... Thirdly I think you have made your point - I can accept that you dont like the sounds in OFF - now to keep repeating it ad nauseum is wearing thin. Please tread carefully - we have had enough of slight of hand accusations and I will not stand for it. WM
  22. Maybe you need to move on then - you have adequately displayed your dismay in OFF in numerous posts - it clearly is not for you. WM
  23. Why does this happen? Error

    This can be due to one of a few things: 1) You have opened the CFS3 modelviewer or the CFS3 mission builder and left it open. 2) CFS3 did not exit properly and is still running (you can check this by using task manager) This effectivley locks files that OFF needs to copy to and cannot. Re-installling OFF will not fix this. WM
  24. Guys try to imagine how we feel about all this as a company that was accused and threatened with legal action.... But with that I am now going to close this thread - nothing good can come of it any more.

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