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  1. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh when ???????????????????????????????????????????
  2. nice aircraft & nice story though: too large an airplane for too small an engine (single engine!) cheers sokol
  3. which are you favorite terrains in terms of eyecandy or playability or realism or theatre or combined ? Background: I have some 3 dozens of terrains installed: ww2, vietnam, pacifc, africa, etc., but as the looks of the terrains were always a weak point of thirdwire's sim I tend to play only a few: Angola, Finland (A-Team), Vietnam (yap), which is a pity. so, which do you like most ? cheers sokol
  4. Circular Runways

    Hi, the same concept was evaluated in the 1960ies. I remember a picture of an A-4 Skyhawk taking off from a circular test runway in a contemporary German tech-magazine. What I cannot remember is whether it was an actual photograph or an artits's impression. They dumped the idea. Which is no surprise. sokol
  5. Hi some swing wing fitters cheers sokol
  6. Hi stratos, a working rato has been around since sf1. the idea (original by spillone, modificationy by myelf) is quite simple, you need: - eyecandy: a rato-bottle, an effect and some sound - an additional internal (!) modified gun, which, when fired, propells the aircraft in the air through it's recoil. the take-off run is reduced by 30 - 50%. quite impressive. some more:
  7. Hi yakarov79, you have got mail. one more: cheers sokol
  8. hi the idea was: as long as we do not have working chutes - and we will never get them for default-aircraft - , a simple lod-file of a chute will / must do as eye-candy. this model/lod-file should be freely available to everyone. sokol
  9. Hi soviet aircraft used their chutes on almost every landing, tk does not provide this feature. as long as there is no decent way to provide a default MiG or Sukhoi with a working chute - as did some folks with TMF-aircraft (thanks Russo for your MiG-29 !!!;-) - I played with eyecandy, using a YAP-model. as this is restricted by copyright: can anybody produce a freeware model for a chute ? maybe a cruciform one ? with it's texture in tga-format for more versatility ? a teaser: cheers sokol
  10. Boeing 281

    very very impressive as of today i use different faux-/stand-in-aircraft for ths period - sino-japanese-war - , but your models beat sure evrything around ;-) hope to fly rthem soon in sf2 sokol
  11. F-16: The Shattered Dream

    perfectly true, an outstanding aircraft. making it a2g capable has a lot to do with changing requirements in a changing world: after the demise of the USSR and it's fighters there was a lot more emphasis on bombing the various "bad" guys around (afghani, iraqui, yugoslavian ... you name them). btw: the LWF owed a lot to the soviets: the concept itself is a remake of the MiG-21 and it's virtues, and the shape of the YF-16 ressembles one of the MiG-derivatives, the Ye-8, esp. in side-view. cheers sokol
  12. Hi Cliff, thanks for your remark ;-). AFAIK wingmen's movements have been a feature in SF1-series. Which is impressive and imersive, since even highly qualified aerobatic teams show this behaviour - none of their planes flies rock steady. less so an ordinary pilot. any idea ? cheers sokol
  13. hi, one of the best features of the sf-series is the up-and-down-movement of wingmen in formations. however in some of my ww2-installations wingmen fly rock steady, no waltzing or rolling or anything else. pretty unrealistic. which statements / which file do control this behaviour ? thanks for your answers cheers sokol

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