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  1. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    me too, very much so. i always liked those soviet heavy interceptors. cheers sokol
  2. hi Wrench, there are pictures of il-14 in vietnamese colours around (google for 'il-14 crate vietnam'): https://travelforaircraft.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/blog-il-14-wp_000379.jpg?w=584 cheers sokol
  3. strange video. footage from il2 tank-crew (first video): very strange behaviour of the AI. those soviet tanks sit right on the ridge, waiting and doing nothing, except presenting their vulnerable side-view to the Tiger ... only to be shot up one after the other, lol. strange hype around the Tigers in general. they were prolly one of the larger mistakes of the german arms industry. powerful gun / weapon - yes. strong armour - yes. tactical mobility - reduced. strategic / operational mobility - very reduced. relation cost / effectiveness - very bad. they should have gone for more Panthers, or a copy of the T-34. much more punch for the money. cheers sokol
  4. Hi, one of my favourites here is the "continuation war" mod, compiled and done by Wrench himself (iirc), the conflict Finnland vs. the USSR in the 1940ies. there is another site out there (is it allowed to call them by their name ?). I know many people have difficulties with that site, so had I, but they do have good all-inclusive-mods for the ww2-aera.. cheers sokol
  5. Hi Erik, sorry if I misunderstood your sentence "dispite Russia's insistence that the engines were removed...". Russia had no part in the sale of the former "Varyag" to the Chinese, who rebuild the ship as "Liaoning" (cv16). The original "Varyag" was not "ordered" but built by the Soviet Union, since the Ukraine was an integral part of the Soviet Union. again, sorry for any misunderstanding ;-) may these ships always have a handful of water under their keel, but may there never be a war between the superpowers USA and Red China. Sokol
  6. hi, cv-16 / Laioning was acquired by China from the Ukraine, and not from Russia. both Chinese ships belong to the Soviet Kuznetsov-class, though markable improved and without the Kuznetsov's ship-2-ship-missiles. this class is in no way comparable to the USN-attack carriers, since the Kuzemntsov's main task is not power projection around the globe (and attacking various countries by doing so), but defense of the fleet, i.e. of the strategic submarines. cheers sokol
  7. thank you, gentlemen. moving the _spec-files to specific subfolders (i.e. those with camouflage-skins) - and deleting them from the main folder - did the trick. cheers sokol
  8. Logan has given us a real christmas-gift in advance: the Mikoyan Ye-8. Today I tried in vain to paint a natural-metal-finish. I did use different combinations of specular, glossiness, reflection, some of them very succesful with other aircraft, but they did not suceed on this one. No shine, no real metal look. There is a "fuselage-spec" file included which presumably should support the job (a la FSX and other sims), but how does it work ? Any help is greatly welcomed. cheers Sokol
  9. my setup looks like this 1) username/savedgames/thirdwire/strikefighters2 Vietnam/ ... <=== this was created automatically by running the game, it includes an option-file 2) whatever_you_want/sf2_mods/... <=== this one is created by me, at whatever place and whatever name i like, and this includes all the relevant folders with add-ons, modifications etc. including a terrainS-folder (note the S: it is plural instead of singular in the sf1-series) which includes the different locations (vietnam_sea, salomons etc.) i link to no.2 in the option-file (down low, mods-folders-name) which resides in no. 1) ;-) not quite sure if this helps. sokol
  10. hi, the Kuznetsov needs a third catapult, left side, to the rear. for the weapon system you may want to try some of those of the default soviet warships. cheers sokol
  11. sure. it was an interesting aera, and so easy to define who is the good one, and who is the bad one. cheers sokol
  12. thank you. as i said: plain blind / dumb, poor me.

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