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  1. As A Reminder......

    One question: which software to you use to backup your ffiles ? I used syncback, which checks whether there are any changes or new files in the original install before copying them to the backup-system. But this takes ages, since I have to backup dcs, il-2 box, FSX and Sf2-stuff. any hint will be welcomed ;-) thx, sinzov
  2. The First and only American Emperor!

    There were in fact real emperors in America. These were Pedro 1 and Pedro 2 of Brazil, which was an empire for a few decades in the 19th century. Remember that AMERICA is a continent, not one of its many states, the USA (although this is often confused in the everyday language). ;-)
  3. Yes!

    WONDERful victory - flying F-4 Phantoms in the early 1950ies ;-)
  4. Su-35 prototype

    the Su-35 surely one of the best releases for the SF-series ever. do you consider to release a skin-template ? it should be most welcomed, considering the various liveries around in the real world/tm cheers sokol
  5. Hi UllyB, good to see you around again how about a soviet airliner ? I would like to see the Tu-154 Careless in the game. It is one of the most beautiful airplanes ever, on par with the Boeing 707 (which we have) and the SE Caravelle (which we will never get ;-( give it a try sokol
  6. Wrench & Menrva, these are good news. is there a way for all those engaged in vietnam-stuff here at Combatace to combine their work ? it is a real pity that we have the big split between the DAT-people (their boss is, well, weird), the YAP-folks and Combatace, which is a real community and has always been the place of hope for me. do you consider a two-stage release procedure: - stage 1 - the aircraft - they would make a nice christmas present for the community - stage 2 - the terrain(s) ? of course it is your work and you decide ;-) please keep up the good work. cheers sokol
  7. Hi in 2020 Wrench & Co. have started a very intersting project on the French airwar in Indochina of the early 1950is and shown some teasing and promising screenshots in their screenshot thread. is this project still alive ? if so - two weeks ? cheers sokol
  8. for my part, i would very much appreciate to have those fine skins of yours on my hard drive ;-) you are a master of arts cheers sokol
  9. very nice, and very welcomed. do you consider supplying a template for the audience ? thank you for all your work ;-)
  10. B-21 Raider reveal

    a marvel of technology - 600 - 700 mio. $ a piece, flown by humans and/or artificial intelligence, dropping its smart payload anywhere in the world and undetectable by any enemy - but deep inside me the question looms: is this what the world really needs?
  11. Hi, there is a very promising thread on WTR - when thunder rolled - here at Combatace. How about Yankee Air Pirate, though ? I remember having read somewhere that some people are working on this and trying to refurbish Shelton's baby for SF2. Do they cooperate with WTR ? Or any other news on YAP ? It will be certainly nice to have two different Vietnam-add-ons, but me thinks it would be much better to have an integrated one. What do you think ? cheers Sokol
  12. hi there is a nice little app / tool in the download section here at combatace dogfight, by Gary Ireland. it does what it says: it provides an easy way to generate simple dogfight-missions. maybe this is useful to you ?! cheers sokol
  13. @yakarov this is a very atmospheric picture. may I ask which terrain is it ? required screenie

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