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  1. Iranian F-14s in Retrospect

    many thanks to Migbuster for your research and careful argumentation. as for Tom Cooper he sure is one of the leading public experts on the Middle East conflicts, but he often seems to take first person accounts as truth and at face value. btw, he sports a very heavy bias against Soviet equipment. as for MiG-23 vs Mirage F1 I remember having read that South-african Mirages were totally outclassed by Cuban MiGs in the "bush / Angolan war" during the 1980ies. cheers sokol
  2. Hi more villages and more populated areas are a very good idea, imho. some regions in Vietnam have always been very densely populated - the river deltas for example, but: the northeastern provinces are not among these population centers. btw, current google earth images may be deceptive, as the population in the late seventies was less than half of what it is now. so - less people, less villages. looking forward to the new terrain ;-) sokol
  3. MiG-23 Kubinka late 1970ies
  4. some older birds from far away cheers sokol
  5. Hi Gepard, amny thanks for this truly outstanding work. may I report a small glitch: the ground object-folder is is labelled "groundobjectS" (plural S), when it should be "groundobject" (singular, no trailing s) for sf2, so that these objects may show up in-game. cheers sokol
  6. amazing pictures. one remark concerning landscape-textures: in those days - prior to the late 1950ies ! - fields in Germany were much smaller, sort of stripes, because of division amongst sons / children. for instance:
  7. hi, AFAIK attack mission by the VPAF were very rare. given the overwhelming superiority - in quantity and most cases in quality - of the US-forces, given the geographical situation - a very long panhandle, surrounded by enemy forces in the east, the west and the south, the VPAF had extreme difficulties to even protect their homeland, let alone perform counter-attacks. But these did occur: not on a regular basis, but in guerilla-style - quick, unexpected, small numbers, without scheme. As mentioned above: il-28 bombers seem to have been used in Laos on various occasions An-2 were used against outposts (most famous is their attack on Lima-Site 85, later conquered by a NVA-regiment) MiG-17s attacked US-vessels MiG-21 are said to have been involved in air-to-ground missions in the final all-out offensive in 1975 A-37 (and F-5 ?) were used in the final assault on Saigon I guess there have been a lot more incidents like these, since the USA did not deploy Hawk-missiles and F-102 interceptors to Vietnam for nothing. eventually, time will show. the lack of an unbiased authorative book on the air-war in SEA is felt very heavy. sokol
  8. Hi Eagle, me too, i think the selection menue deserves some reflection and a lift-up. I would appreciate a way to get rid of the clutter in the aircraft selection menue. over time there are so many aircraft and subtypes of an aircraft that it becomes a real pein to scroll through all of them to get to the one aircraft you want to fly. Is there a way sub-divide the selection menue: select aircraft-type first (i.e. MiG-21), and select the variant in a second step (i.e. MiG-21MF or -bis ...) ? btw i really doubt the usefullness of, let us say, some 20 sub-variants of the spitfire. there is certainly some reason behind differentiating between major subtypes, but the game engine simply does not support minor modifications. The SF-series is not a simulator-type of game like DCS or the IL2-Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad-series. cheers sokol
  9. Hi, i would like to see some Soviet types: Ye-152 A (Flipper, 2 engines) Tu-154 (mainstay of eastern civil aviation) Yak-130 is also very welcomed as for yet another Spitfire: we already have a whole bunch of it's subtypes, which cluster the aircraft selection panel. but of course: everybody has got his own pets ;-) cheers sokol
  10. View File Deuces_WOV_terrain.zip Hi, this is a re-upload of Deuces vietnam-tileset dating from 2005. For the 1st generation of SF-series. All credits go to Deuces. Enjoy, Sokol Submitter Sokol Submitted 01/18/2021 Category Tilesets  
  11. done, as Wrench suggested: I hope not to have violated any rules ;-) all credits to Deuces. cheers sokol

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