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  1. hi did you try the unfolded span of the Yak-38, something like 7.02m? I have no access to my installation right now, but I remember seeing Yaks onboard of the Kiev. cheers sokol
  2. Hi Wilches, wonderful pictures & textures. will those skins be available here at Combatace ? which models are these Japanese fighters ? cheers sokol required screenie
  3. sorry for not looking closely, itis sf2. but how did you manage that cloud layer ? thx
  4. Soulfreak, wonderful picture may i ask: which model/texture ? which sim ? FSX ? cheers sokol
  5. japanese fighters over Burma
  6. bonjour, ça marche pour moi - windows10, sf2 north atlantic, stock / standard. s'agit-il d'une installation standard ? ou as-tu utilisé un mod ? sokol
  7. should read: from Asia with love ...
  8. Ye-8 / miG-21 derivative - is this a "what if" ?
  9. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    me too, very much so. i always liked those soviet heavy interceptors. cheers sokol
  10. hi Wrench, there are pictures of il-14 in vietnamese colours around (google for 'il-14 crate vietnam'): https://travelforaircraft.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/blog-il-14-wp_000379.jpg?w=584 cheers sokol
  11. strange video. footage from il2 tank-crew (first video): very strange behaviour of the AI. those soviet tanks sit right on the ridge, waiting and doing nothing, except presenting their vulnerable side-view to the Tiger ... only to be shot up one after the other, lol. strange hype around the Tigers in general. they were prolly one of the larger mistakes of the german arms industry. powerful gun / weapon - yes. strong armour - yes. tactical mobility - reduced. strategic / operational mobility - very reduced. relation cost / effectiveness - very bad. they should have gone for more Panthers, or a copy of the T-34. much more punch for the money. cheers sokol

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