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  1. my setup looks like this 1) username/savedgames/thirdwire/strikefighters2 Vietnam/ ... <=== this was created automatically by running the game, it includes an option-file 2) whatever_you_want/sf2_mods/... <=== this one is created by me, at whatever place and whatever name i like, and this includes all the relevant folders with add-ons, modifications etc. including a terrainS-folder (note the S: it is plural instead of singular in the sf1-series) which includes the different locations (vietnam_sea, salomons etc.) i link to no.2 in the option-file (down low, mods-folders-name) which resides in no. 1) ;-) not quite sure if this helps. sokol
  2. hi, the Kuznetsov needs a third catapult, left side, to the rear. for the weapon system you may want to try some of those of the default soviet warships. cheers sokol
  3. sure. it was an interesting aera, and so easy to define who is the good one, and who is the bad one. cheers sokol
  4. thank you. as i said: plain blind / dumb, poor me.
  5. thanks ;-) will be waiting ... sokol
  6. hi, once upon a time the profile-sites of comabtace's users offered the opportunity to download the files provided by that specific user. which was very convenient. i cannot find this feature any more. has it gone ? or, i am just plain dumb ? thanks sokol
  7. hi, any news on this one ? release date - two weeks ;-) cheers sokol
  8. thank you for your tips. there is a working version of marcfighter's Ajeet included in die SF2IO-package (SF2 - Indian Ocean). ;-) cheers sokol
  9. simply amazing aircraft-model.
  10. Hi, I returned to Marcfighter's Ajeet only to find that it does not show it's gear when extended. There are screenshot around here at combatace which show the complete aircraft, alas in my installation of sf2 NA the gear comes out, but disappears when extended. Mue's Lodviewer confirms this strange behaviour. is there a fix available? cheers &thanks sokol
  11. Hi Logan,
    a long time ago you posted some screenshots of the Ye-8-model. I have always been very interested in that MiG - do you plan to finish the model ? are there any prospects to get the lod-file ?
    thanks for your work ;-)

    1. logan4


      Yes, it will be finished. I actually just corrected the panel lines for the wings this morning. I do plan to make a cockpit for it to so might take a bit more time. The 3D model itself  is finished, only mapping/skin correction and the pit is needed for it.

  12. Hi Gepard,
    where did you get that Ye-8 from ?
    this is not your long-ago-model, no?

    1. Gepard


      IIRC it was a never finished plane made by Logan, the guy who made the Mirage4000.


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