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  1. I'm using the ancient 3rd party model to test. test-2.BMP
  2. people have been doing this for years. It's just a matter of having models to add. I'm in the process of adding a 105mm gun to the T-69 and Tiran models thanks to GKABS making the barrel. I did some tests way back with adding crew to First Eagle vehicles and AA guns. Just a matter of having the right parts.
  3. Potez 631 skin pack

    beautiful work. thank you
  4. given the tensions over Chinese actions,any Chinese equipment will find a use in game.
  5. I can't speak for anyone else but I like the updates and WIP pics.
  6. Ford FT-B for the Polish-Russian War

    I'm so excited to see another great upload from you. Thank you.
  7. "Jazbo & Flying Fish"

  8. C-141A Starlifter (by Coyote Aerospace)

    I have looked forward to this one for a while, thank you
  9. Corsairs

    simply stunning.
  10. The other day I started getting “Forbidden” “you do not have permission to access this document “ every time I try to get on Combatace. That was on Microsoft edge . I can’t figure it out so I switched to Firefox and it worked for a day then I started getting the same error message. I have no trouble getting on with my phone but on my PC it’s no dice. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. The myth of the invincible western tanks

    nothing is invincible, that being said western and eastern tanks were built differently and were meant to be used differently.one on one most eastern tanks were severe underdogs but used en mass in assaults they were effective.the main advantage the west had/has was flexibility of command and and control information dissemination and range/targeting advantages.in short term conflicts that would be a huge advantage. in a protracted slugging match wear and tear and attrition would even things out a bit and numbers would become an advantage.
  12. Combatace access issues.

    Firefox is 92.0 (64-bit) and edge is 93.0.961.52 (Official build) (64-bit)
  13. Combatace access issues.

    yeah for most of the morning firefox,my phone and edge would not access combatace. now with me doing nothing firefox works but the others don't. Could still be on my end,i'll mess with edge and see if anything changes.
  14. I have been looking forward to this, many thanks.
  15. Combatace access issues.

    after about a day where I couldn't access on any device I'm back to being able to get on with Firefox but not on edge. Glad to know it's not on my end. thank you all for the help.
  16. thank you, I am so grateful for the ground objects and vehicles you have made. I'm looking forward to the M-109 and whatever else you have on the way.
  17. at first, i thought it was the Duffel Blog....

    they are all mostly snowflakes . the fact that they cannot deal with anything that remotely contradicts their barbaric and outmoded world views without resorting to murder and violence is all the proof you need to see.
  18. Pilot Figure Issue

    do you see the extra pilot from the exterior? it might be a part of the cockpit? just a guess though. if not probably a fake pilot issue
  19. WW1 Board Games

    I havn't played in decades but Dawn Patrol is still sitting on my bookshelf. Next to my Battletech, D&D and Warhammer stuff.
  20. New Flanders

    please enjoy the holiday time and a big thank you for the update. Something of this quality is worth a long wait and the occasional update makes that wait so much easier.

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