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  1. eric can u send me the new file? please sir
  2. Hey looks great any way you can put the stripes on the tails a little higher and blue?, Also are you able to have the USA symbol decals low vis? The top symbol would be the lighter grey color and the side and one on the bottom would be the darker greys. Thanks alot Eric, I appreciate it
  3. ok is the skin done? i dont understand what u mean . i understand changin the f-15 missles but i didnt get ur skin yet
  4. dont mean to push it but msip ii update?
  5. looking GHREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any way to low vis the decals?
  6. gotcha didnt, it's great to know the makers of this are fellow austinites... ATX
  7. Any modders/skinners could someone please make a skin for the f-15C MO 390th wild boars please please please!!!!
  8. bought and installed campaign customizer it worked on first setup then turn game off then start again and it doesnt show up anymore doesnt work. tryed reinstall nothing.somebody please help
  9. hey whiteboy im not hating on the model but look at it compared to the f-16 by viper team no contest rafale looks like fighters anthology to me.

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