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  1. Pak Fa "Russian Grey Camo

    No aircraft for this skin at CA?
  2. HOLY SCHNIKIES ! ! ! ! !
  3. Where is Maverick's motorcycle ? WHERE is Kelly McGillis ?
  4. Linebacker II: The Cunning Plan

    Great piece MB !
  5. This Cracked me Up....

    Hookers.......................lotsa hookers.......................
  6. F-20 Tigershark: Risky business Part 2

    It would be really cool if some one with SKILLZ would finish out and polish the F-20 for SF/WOX 1 series
  7. F-20 Tigershark: Risky business Part 1

    Good story MB! I wish someone would reskin the SFP1 F-20. That thing is a blast !
  8. USN Radio COMM

    Sound of the voices and comms is in SLOOOOOOOOOOOOO MO. Almost unintelligible and at the speed of molasses in winter............................................
  9. CAP2 news

    Mach loop. Hell yes !!!!
  10. Thanks leodagan76 Odd how some were talking about how "great" the skins were - they must not have had the same problem you and I did. A bit hard to see skins on a ghost plane it would seem to me. Thanks !! Mine is working now thanks to you !
  11. Night Time Ops.....

    They have 4 setups like this at Tyndall in the Distributed Missions Ops training facility - but yours rivals that based on your specs.
  12. Night Time Ops.....

    Frikkin SA-WEEEEEEET Dave !!!! YOU SUCK I AM JEALOUS !!!!!! Don

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