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  1. A tour of a Handley Page Halifax bomber.

    Thank you very much for sharing. I am in awe of the bravery of those Bomber Command Crews. The video really highlights the lack of realistic escape options. And, let us remember that the Stirling/Halifax/Lancaster force operated at night. So, these aircraft could truly become dark, flying coffins. The crew stations in Cold War aircraft, especially those with ejection seats, seem almost luxurious by comparison.
  2. Fairey Vanquish B2

    I'm having a blast flying this creation. If a VC-10 and a TSR.2 mated, this might be the result. Thank you! PS, have you templates? Any chance of releasing them?
  3. Visiting New York city and Washington next week, Need your help.

    Sorry, my last post was not specific. According to an internet search, Fairfax Connector bus number 983 will take you from the Metro station to the Udvar Hazy center. The entire trip (bus and train) should cost you less than $10 per person. The trains/buses are more expensive during peak commuting hours.
  4. Visiting New York city and Washington next week, Need your help.

    Stratos, a taxi would be quite expensive. You can take the Washington Metro (subway/light rail system) to the Reston East station, then take the Fairfax Connector bus line to go from the station to the Udvar Hazy center. I have not used this particular bus line, as I live within driving distance. However, I can assure you that the metro/bus system in this area is safe and efficient. The Udvar Hazy facility is BEAUTIFUL. You should allow plenty of time to see all of the aircraft and spacecraft. I hope your wife is a patient person, or also an aviation fanatic, like many of us on this site. Buen viaje, y mandame un mensaje por este pagina si tienes mas preguntas. Vivia un tiempo en Sudamerica y hablo castellano.
  5. Anybody knows what's gonna happen in September

    Hi all. I only visit occasionally due to real world commitments, but I wanted to post to wish Mr. Wrench all the best. You have many gifts and talents, and we need you around here! Please take good care of yourself! If the Dr. says no "screen time", do what he/she says and rest that eye! Kind regards, NVSH
  6. LST-1179 Newport class landing ship

    Another work of art! Fantastic and thank you! Shout out for all the 'Gator Navy sailors - my Dad served on an LST during the Vietnam era.
  7. SF2 "What If" Corsair Mk.V FAA Skin Pack

    Wonderful! Thanks! Have you considered doing a RAN Fleet Air Arm, or a Royal Canadian Navy version? The Canadian "gray over gray" is, IMHO, a really sharp color scheme. In any case, thanks again!
  8. Happy Birthday Wrench

    Happy birthday! You have been posting lots of great addons of late - hope you take today to put your feet up, rest, and enjoy whatever makes you happy. All the best to you and yours!
  9. SF2 KAW Hawker Sea Fury (SB) Pack

    Beautiful! Stunning! I have always been a "jet guy", but your wonderful work, and the work of other prop fans, have really won me over to the joys of 1940s-era, prop-driven warplanes. Thank you!!!
  10. Hat's off to all of the artists.

    Hello CombatAce community, Long time "lurker" here, back after a long bout of "real life". I am happy to see that this community is still going strong. As a lifelong aviation and space fanatic, I just want to say that "modder" or "gamer" is not the right word for some of you. The correct word is ARTIST, and the aircraft, skins, and campaigns you produce are truly works of art. There are snobs out there who might disagree with this characterization, but I am astounded by the beauty and attention to detail of the work here. I take my hat off to everyone who is a part of this endeavor. Kind regards, NVSH

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