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  1. Banidos J-31

  2. TMF F-14 Tomcat Superpack

  3. AGM-65 Pack

  4. Su-35BM - Skin

    Hello guys, I 've tried to put this in Fictional mod of Erwin_Hans . http://combatace.com...rman-air-force/ and it's work so good to me. I think You guys should try that too.
  5. SF2 Chengdu J-7 Fishbed Series Pak by Mod Mafia/TMF

    You're keeping bpao(Oli)'s legacy alive Bro! ..
  6. F-7P Skybolt V1.0

    Hi For anyone who want outer pylons to show up. Just change flight model in F-7.ini from MIG-21F.lod to MIG-21MF.lod example: [LOD001] Filename=MiG-21F.lod Distance=100 [LOD002] Filename=MiG-21F_lod002.lod Distance=250 [LOD003] Filename=MiG-21F_lod003.lod Distance=1000 [LOD004] Filename=MiG-21F_lod004.lod Distance=10000 to [LOD001] Filename=MiG-21MF.lod Distance=100 [LOD002] Filename=MiG-21MF_lod002.lod Distance=250 [LOD003] Filename=MiG-21MF_lod003.lod Distance=1000 [LOD004] Filename=MiG-21MF_lod004.lod Distance=10000 And rename Skins picture to MIG-21MF... example: In CSS folder rename from MIG-21F_BODY.BMP to Mig-21MF_Body.BMP And So on .. It's work fine for me. sorry for my poor english. Enjoy your flight.

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