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  1. Thanks Menrva, I got it and used the latest files from the IraqWA terrain and all is good and thanks for the help Works like a charm!!
  2. Thanks Gerwin for the information, I am back from work and ready to tackle this issue on Menrva terrain IraqWA. I need to flatten that expeditionary airfield for the USMC. I will get gkabs air base in there as well as a test. Cheers and thanks everyone for the help
  3. Here is the info of the YAP SOH Terrain Data. I will see if I can flatten some of the runways on Wrench's Iran-IraqWA terrain. Only want to flatten run ways on flat ground and make some inactive. I am on the night shift this swing and may have a chance to get some done [Texture002] Filename=sea2desert25.TGA HasWater=1 HeightMap=sea2desert25_hm.BMP HeightMapScale=2.000500 Color=0.505483,0.471180,0.410264 SolidObjectTexture=terobject_buildings1.BMP AlphaObjectTexture=terobject_trees1.TGA [Texture003] Filename=sea2desert50.TGA HasWater=1 HeightMap=sea2desert50_hm.BMP HeightMapScale=2.000500 Color=0.674493,0.583993,0.448464 SolidObjectTexture=terobject_buildings1.BMP AlphaObjectTexture=terobject_trees1.TGA Here is a runway from Iran-IraqWA. I am still doing some adjustments to the Neutral, Friendly, and enemy bases. I need to flatten this Airbase
  4. Thanks for the great work!!! I enjoyed flying around in the lightning However I could not sit still for 10 hours but worth powering though to the finish. I am now hooked on the Lightning and will for sure get the Saudi Lightning in action in the Gulf. Cheers Richo
  5. Thanks fella's Where do you get this TFD Tool by Gerwin? I am just trying to get a Terrain together for the Persian Gulf. USN protecting oil Tankers in the Gulf. I did spend some time there in the US Navy, 1985 and 1986. I got some flash backs when recently Iran High Jacked and damaged some oil tankers. Even if I did get the yap terrain by Gepard to work when you set up for Naval map=True I get this issue fleet winds up in Qatar. Now I did some adjustments to Iran-IraqWA which I really like this terrain and came up with this hack job:). At least the fleet is in the water off Kuwait. I made all the Neutral targets Friendly and made sure Iran did not have to many US ground targets and made them as Enemy. Is the fleet spawning in the same area permanent or can this be changed? Thanks for the Terrain Menrva.
  6. Thanks Wrench I will just have to take that advise and continue my efforts on your Iran-Iraq terrains which are much better anyway:) Thanks for getting back with me so quickly. Cheers Richo
  7. Hello every one, Can someone please help on the runway position? I am trying to adjust this YAP Terrain and some of the runways are to high and I need to readjust. Can some please head me in the right direction? Cheers Richo
  8. I am still waiting on Third Wire to get back to me on the all in one download:( The above link works However I bought the games on two different email accounts and Even bought one I did not even need on my new email account To show good faith. I hope to hear back soon???????
  9. Well I bought TK's Expansion pack 2 and you got me interested. Great article you got me interested and I will give it a shot
  10. I have all the SF2 games and DLC's along with First Eagles and one I bought on CD SF2E. I tried to put my email and codes in to get the free one and got no ware. I then emailed Third Wire Tech Support to see what is the issue? I am keen to try to use the all in one version. I have all games merged a bunch of mods and is running fine on Windows 10.
  11. No I have not how do you do this I will give it a shot?
  12. You are flying in a world with hardly no gravity and wind resistance. Normally I would do this to either enhance or tone down a bit on the AI. Normally I just set him up for the wing man to toast him or Get #3 or #4 if there still alive. But this little tweak does work. [FlightControl] StallSpeed=63.06 CruiseSpeed=305.2 <---------------<<<< ClimbSpeed=231.5 CornerSpeed=218.6 <----------------<<<< LandingSpeed=80.06 MaxG=5.8 <-----------------------<<<< MaxSpeedSL=416 <------------------<<<< MachLimit=2.83 PitchDamper=0.7 RollDamper=0.4 YawDamper=0.0 GunBoresightAngle=0 RocketBoresightAngle=0 MissileBoresightAngle=0 FlapSettingForLanding=2 FlapSettingForTakeOff=1 Thanks for the CDO information Baffmeister and I will try them out.
  13. TU-160 Blackjack

    What a great addition to the Soviet Bomber fleet!!! Thanks for the great work and I am enjoying this one. Dels B-1 pit a great addition as well and the color goes well. Looks like a new Soviet bomber pit.
  14. Thanks Geary, What a difference the skin makes on this F-84F, Well done!!! The fuel tanks now have a better look....
  15. View File MiG-31A (Iran, A What If Mod) /// ------ MiG-31A What if--> Iran got some MiG-31's --------- /// This is my First Aircraft mod upload so go easy:) I used the MiG-31BM from the "MiG-BM_update pak" downloaded from Combat Ace SF2 MiG-31 Downloads. There is no readme file attached just said jv44 is the original creator and want to thank him for the skin and lod file. I tweaked the Data ini file to make nodes operational along with making the MiG-31A as an attack aircraft. Designed to attack the US Navy I am sure this is what Iran wanted it for. This Aircraft was put together with SF1 and SF2 Freeware Items. This Foxbat will for sure test your fleet and put the pressure on the F-14 Tomcats!!! "MiG-31A tested in latest patch SF2 against US Fleet and ground targets." Submitter Richo Submitted 06/25/2019 Category What If Hangar  

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