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    Combat Aviation, Formula 1, and Half Life2, Also like GTA series and some Terraria stuff.
  1. Eritrea/Ethiopia Terrain for SF2

    Yeah imdid it, it was my bad, it doesnt work on SF2 Israel cat map file.
  2. Please help, this map is awesome but makes the whole game crashes when playing it, IDK if it's because I am not fully merged.
  3. Eritrea/Ethiopia Terrain for SF2

    This map is seriously flawed. The whole game crashes, the plane just freezes in mid-air due to terrible lag when playing it. Please tell me how can I fix this.
  4. [Fictional] Chengdu J-14 Stealth Fighter

    I can´t make it work, the cockpit doesn't fit at all!
  5. Mig-15 / Mig-15 bis / Mig-17 cockpit

    I checked and rechecked more than once, i have the Mig15 bis Pasko's and i installed this cokpit but for me it didn't work at all, it only showed the gunsight and non graphs at all, just the lonley gunsight in the middle of that clear sky. Maybe is a term of pilot's position i really don't know, but i'd love to see an stand alone mig15 mod with this cockpit, from the start not the a4 cockpit we're used to, maybe stray should start a whole mig15 mod project with this cockpit instead of using foreing models.
  6. Yes stray i did it, but i think the problem is that i don't have the Exp pack1., I only have the SF2 Israel, without any exp. pack, maybe that's the trouble, anyway i'm going to look for the pasko's mig 15 model to see if it works.
  7. Mig-15 / Mig-15 bis / Mig-17 cockpit

    Mine too bro, i only can see the gunsight!!!! please help!! :beg:
  8. Hey please help i installed this as the readme states but i just can not visualize the Cockpit while im in the air what can i do?? how can i make it appear??, is this suitable just for some mig15-17 author specific models????? please help!!:suicide2: :help:
  9. Mig-15 / Mig-15 bis / Mig-17 cockpit

    The cockpit just doesnt show, i put all the files and the ini lines in order but i fly with no cockpit at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, help what i'm doing wrong what can i do??????????????
  10. Mig-15 / Mig-15 bis / Mig-17 cockpit

    How do i propper install this???
  11. [Fictional] F-23I 'Karesh' (Shark)

    Beautiful story pretty logic!
  12. AH-64 Package for SF2 Ver 1.1

    Do u know if there are any israeli skin for the apache????????
  13. Hey lindo avion, pero me parece ironico que sea de origen ingles, aunque es multinacional claro, preferiría el Grippen J39 para la Argentina y porqué no el SU-35, pero sin duda me quedo con el Grippen, o incluso el J-10 chino.

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