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    WWI aircraft & flight-sim enthusiast, particularly FE2, also ROFue and WOFFue.


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I split my free time enjoying the sensation of flight in modded-up versions of FE2 and ROFue, and occasionally doing FM update packs for FE2. We now have more than 200 modded FMs for FE2, and there are still another 10 or 20 to work on. I like all three of the big WWI sims (FE2, ROFue, WOFFue) but my favorite is always FE2 because the FMs are so moddable. RB3D I only look over on occasion for nostalgia and to compare tweaks with the Greybeard FMs (great ones and very historical) that were done for RB3D years ago. I also sometimes like doing FM tweaks for my WW2 installs in SF2, another great sim by ThirdWire, and a tweaked FM package for WOFFue is available as well.

Happy flying :smile:


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