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  1. Windows 10

    Hopefully some of our SF1/SF2 specialists will have constructive advice regarding lods/framerates/loadouts etc. I'm assuming that it's possible to carry over some aircraft from SF2 to SF1, in the same way that some of our FE2 flyers have managed to get aircraft from FE2 running in FE1. Crawford and others may have more info. on this since they fly some second-gen. aircraft in the first-gen. TW sims. I wouldn't know anything about that since I've done the opposite - carried over some data inis and aircraft that were made for FE1 into FE2, and also carried over some aircraft from FE2 to SF2. To chat privately with CombatAce members, you should be able to click on the message tab/option near the top of their profiles, unless they've turned off the private messaging feature. Von S
  2. Windows 10

    I've heard good things about the DBW (and CUPS) mods - one of these days I might try installing those since I can then try out the standalone WW1 modpacks for IL2-1946. BAT is thorough but from what I've read you have to install all-or-nothing with it (DBW/CUPS was more modular since you could get only the era you want for it). If I find some free time I might try out WW1 just for kicks in IL2-1946. There is a much better Pfalz (made by Geezer) and available on pages 17 and 18 of the "New Aircraft" thread here on the FE2 forums (direct links to the Pfalzes, and skins for them, follow below): https://combatace.com/forums/topic/91066-new-aircraft/?page=17&tab=comments#comment-746182 https://combatace.com/forums/topic/91066-new-aircraft/?page=18&tab=comments#comment-747022 Also check over the other great aircraft models that Geezer made, and that are available on those two pages of that thread (freely available and they work well in FE2). Happy flying, Von S
  3. Windows 10

    IL2-1946 works fine, providing you go into the control panels settings first (for Win10), and, under the "system" settings, make sure to select "DEP enabled for essential programs only" or something to that effect, then reboot, and "46" should fly fine. Also recommended is running the IL2 exe, also the IL2 launcher exe (if you are running one of the modpacks), in Win7 compatibility mode. Speaking of modding packs, I recommend the "VP Modpack" since it seems to have the best graphics of the various modpacks available - yes, there is "BAT" but that thing is huge, and (in my humble opinion) WW1 flight fans are better off looking into running fully modded FE2, modded ROF, and of course the wonderful WOFF (ultimate and platinum editions). Happy flying, Von S P.S. Disable "complex engine management" and "wing flutter" in the IL2-46 sim menu for more flight physics realism, since those two don't seem to be modeled all that well - and besides, the AI is then less at an "uber" advantage - and more competitive with you.
  4. Windows 10

    I can't comment specifically on FE1/gold, but I'm sure some flyers of FE1 will pitch in soon with helpful tips. I wouldn't be surprised if similar tips that work for FE2 will also work well for FE1. FE2, for example, works fine on Win10 - I do however recommend running it, and SF2, in Win7 compatibility mode. Also, for FE2, I recommend checking over my post linked to below, in case you get poor frame rates in Win10: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/92932-windows-10/?tab=comments#comment-752183 Happy flying, Von S
  5. Jan. 23, 2020: Version 1.1 of the early WW2 FM update pack for SF2 includes the Tony Ki-60/early 61 and the Polikarpov I-15 gull wing biplane (with M22 engine variant) for the PTO theater, and the Gladiator Mk.I for the PTO and MTO theaters. Also included are post-damage physics fixes for the Polikarpov I-16 (Type 10) and more realistic fuel consumption on the Army Zero Ki-43. Happy flying, Von S
  6. Windows 10

    I have ave. fps in IL2-1946 of about 100 - graphics are acceptable with the vp modpack installed - but as indicated in one of my other posts here on the FE2 threads, I don't like the padlock views in IL2-1946 as much as in the ThirdWire and OBD sims. ROF padlock views are so-so. In "46" on the other hand, once a locked target is out of your front field of view for a few seconds, padlock automatically disengages - and then it's mouse-view or external aircraft-to-target view before you find the bandit again (cumbersome and sometimes it breaks immersion). Also I find high-density forests strange in "46" - with those spring coil effects, and then a downed aircraft disappears below the "spring-coil" forest ceiling. Maybe I'm just too nit-picky but I prefer how forests are done in the TW and OBD sims (better than in ROF). One thing I'll give to "46" is that there's subtle movement of trees (very subtle but can be spotted, would be nice to introduce such an effect into the TW/OBD sims). Also, feel free to turn off "complex engine management" and "wing flutter" in "46" since they don't seem to be modeled correctly - you'll get more FM realism with those options turned off. Happy flying, Von S
  7. Windows 10

    Yes, even though I'm a Mac guy, I have a soft spot for Win7 (Ultimate ed. in my case) - smooth-sailing system and very tweakable too - as I mentioned in my previous posts, I think Win7 is/was the high point of Windows operating systems. I now run FE2/SF2/WOFF/WOTR/ROF/IL2-1946 (vp modpack) on Windows 10 Pro (ver. 1809) on the BootCamp side of my Mac Pro - so far it's been a good system since I've tried to lock down/avoid excessive updates...chose to postpone big updates by 365 days and security updates by one month. I don't know if I'll upgrade to ver. 1909 anytime soon, in BootCamp, since my primary use for Win10 is simming and FM tweaking - my work stuff is on the Mac side. The primary deciding factors will be: a) if ver. 1909 has fps in the sims as good as, if not better, than in ver. 1809 of Win10 - lower fps will be a no-go b) if it will be even possible to do a "normal" upgrade in BootCamp from one ver. of Win10 to another I might as well expand this post slightly since it may be of use to Windows users, and those interested in sticking with Windows 7 for the next few (more) years. If you want to remain on a "fixed" ver. of Win10 or if you want to maintain Win7 on your rigs, not only for ThirdWire sim compatibility but other reasons too, I recommend: 1. use a browser other than IE or Edge (I like Firefox loaded up with AdBlockPlus and PrivacyBadger - also good is the Pale Moon Browser, a fork of the slightly older Firefox before Quantum, with the AdBlockLatitude plugin) 2. for email, use a desktop program that doesn't support html - I like Sylpheed (not Sylpheed Claws but the plain old Sylpheed - works well enough and html emails can easily be opened in your web browser if you click on such emails) 3. on Win7, install MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) and set it to work as your malware "wall," instead of the old Windows Defender that comes with Win7, since definitions in the old Defender only go up to about 2012 - on Win10, the baked-in newer ver. of Defender is fine as your malware wall 4. look into downloading "ClamWin" (free, barebones antivirus program - it can be scheduled to run weekly, daily, etc. - has no "real-time" scanning but I like that since it doesn't bog down system resources) - ClamWin is simply a graphical front end to ClamXav and is updated regularly 5. on both Win10 and Win7, go into the "system" settings in the control panels window, and make sure to "enable DEP for all programs" and reboot to take effect (you will have to toggle this to "DEP for essential programs only" if you want to run IL2-1946 however) 6. set up a "standard user" account on Win7 and use that for regular computing, instead of an administrative account (a good tip for Win10 as well, if you are running an unsupported ver. of Win10) 7. for Win7 only, since official support has ended, download and install what's referred to as the "0patch" app - this patches vulnerabilities on the fly, only while you are running vulnerable programs, on Win7, and comes in a free edition - seems legit. from what I've been able to test on my Win7 installs (0patch is available at the following link https://0patch.com/) Happy flying (and computing), Von S
  8. Tinkering further with the ver. 9.9 FM update pack and decided to post a few more pics caught during testing. Von S Testing out "STOL" characteristics with the Nieu. 17 in the Italian theater Pleased to see that I was eventually blown off of the hill by the wind, and went for a short glide (wind effects really do work in FE2 but are best when treated subtly, light wind, occasional gusts, etc.) Couldn't resist doing some sight-seeing again with gTerl's maps Making sure that post-damage effects work well (I can be spotted in the far background on the pic.) One of the best dogfights I've ever had in any sim (the AI on this earlier Austrian Alby. was superb, we both got shots into one another but the fight was inconclusive, lasted for about 20 mins. I think) The Spad 13 200hp can do limited turn fighting, but keep your speed up and take advantage of acceleration in dives (good turn speeds are around 160-170 kph) - also good is rudder and opposite aileron for tighter turns and skids but watch your speed And we went our separate ways eventually (the Spad 200 hp can slowly outrun this variant of the Alb. D.III)
  9. I set up my single missions using the in-sim menu in FE2 - the great thing about it is that (as in WW1) you don't know what type of enemy aircraft you will encounter, or the number of aircraft - although congestion settings can be controlled to some extent via the in-sim menu, and further congestion files (the "formation.ini" file that goes into the Flight folder of the user folder for FE2 - some of those are included with my FM update packs for FE2). For recommended flight congestion settings in the in-sim menu, for those who like to fly historically, I recommend point no. 7 under my "Rules for DiD Style Single Missions in FE2" available at the link below (where I attempted to imitate the DiD campaigns/missions that are constantly going on at the WOFF forum on the SimHQ website - in my opinion FE2 is excellent for DiD, "dead is dead," style missions and campaigns): https://combatace.com/forums/topic/92423-did-style-single-missions-for-fe2/ Happy flying, Von S
  10. For aircraft that seem to be missing engine sounds (if you are using the data inis from my FM update packs), I recommend the two links called "List of My Engine Sound Names and Original Engine Sound Names" and "Engine Sounds Pack," from the following post: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/91337-problems-with-my-fe2/?tab=comments#comment-738368 In terms of Caporetto campaign questions, hopefully someone with more experience with campaigns will pitch in with helpful info. (I have the terrain installed but usually fly single missions over it). Von S
  11. Also, it doesn't hurt to run SF2 (and FE2) in Win7 compatibility mode too - on Win10. I run them that way and I've had no CTDs at all. Same advice applies to the OBD sims (WOFF/WOTR), as well as IL2-1946.** For ROF I haven't noticed any benefits to running in Win7 comp. mode. **For IL2-1946, don't forget also to enable "DEP protection" only for essential programs (in the relevant setting in the control panels, "system"), otherwise it doesn't load on Win10. Happy flying, Von S
  12. Here's another looker I've been tweaking the FM for - will include this one also with an update to the early WW2 SF2 FM package. An "early" Tony - Ki-60 and/or very early Ki-61 - model is by A-team and it took a while to rework the FM but I like the results - top speed about 560 kph @ 4500 m alt. Best climb around 350 kph, 13 m/s or so. Ailerons are okay above about 300 kph but horribly ineffective below 250 kph. Rudder is ok. Also avoid loops if your speed is less than about 300 kph, tends to spin out. Other peculiarities on the type - tends to "sink" if flying too slowly - rather than entering a typical stall. No wonder pilots didn't really like the Ki-60 prototypes and early Ki-61 batch, compared to the more pleasant Ki-43 ("Army Zero"). Having said that, it's a fast type for the early war and works just fine if you avoid tight dogfights with it. Good for slash-and-dash attacks. Von S
  13. Busy with FM tweaks for Stephen's Polikarpov I-15 (gull wing variant) to fit it into the early WW2 SF2 package. Top speed around 350 kph at 3000 m alt. (with the earlier M22 engine variant), very maneuverable and good climb rate of about 15 m/s if you maintain about 200 kph. Also improved environsys and flightengine ini files - will include the atmospherics tweaks either with my ver. 9.9 FM update pack for FE2 or the early WW2 SF2 package. Next up is an early Ki-61 or the prototype Ki-60, also for the early WW2 package, then to circle back to further FE2 tweaks. (The PTO theater used a small number of gull-wing I-15's as trainers so it doesn't hurt to include them since we're missing the 15bis variant.) Von S
  14. Hello gents', The relevant info. I have in the data ini for the "Spider" (located in the ver. 9.7 folder of my update pack, see the eastern front and Italian front folders) - is as follows: GunTypeName=8MM_SCHWARZLOSE_M0712unsync InputName=FIRE_PRIMARY_GUN GunGroup=1 MuzzlePosition=0.00,1.19,1.215 LightPosition=0.00,1.19,1.215 AimAngles=0.0,4.0,-0.1 MaxAmmo=250 EjectShells=TRUE I've been liberal with the max ammo setting (250) but may reduce this further to about 150-200. Also take note that the rate of fire is slightly faster on the unsynchronized than the early synchronized versions of the 07/12 Schwarzlose. I've therefore linked the Spider's gun type name with the un-synced variant of the early Schwarzlose. The relevant folder can be found in the "Guns" folder available in the larger ver. 9.5 consolidated update pack folder that's also available in the ver. 9.7 download. My general ini files for FE2 have shadows set to false on my rig, to preserve frame rates, but I will eventually get to setting them to "medium" - eventually - in SF2 I have them at medium settings and they work fine on the Mac Pro (2013). Hopefully setting them to medium in FE2 won't shave off too many fps. Happy flying, Von S
  15. Yes indeed, the TW sims have some of the best views in the business (padlock, hat switches, panoramic views, etc.) - I'm always impressed by the precision of the padlock view in dogfights in both FE2 and also in the high-speed prop aircraft in my 40s/50s SF2 installs - a great sense of immersion and neck craning to see your opponent. ROF and WOFF/WOTR also have good view systems but the views/toggling only feels fully organic (and the most precise) to me in the TW sims. Also picked up IL2-1946 for two dollars recently on Steam, largely as a novelty, and while the graphics look acceptable for a mid-2000s sim (with the "vp modpack" installed) - the padlock view leaves something to be desired and is often hit-or-miss, while toggling between cockpit and external aircraft-to-target view during dogfights really breaks immersion in that sim. Obligatory FE2 screenies below. Von S

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