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  1. Outstanding Texas ANG history pic's! Wish we had a AFRES 'T' stick II 'THUD' for the two reserve units, one outa Carswell AFB TX. and I think Georgia.
  2. Outstanding! Been waiten for this Sabre model for quite some time. Well done!
  3. Great addition for the SEA theater! Thanks Wrench
  4. Looking forward to the "Skoshi Tiger"!
  5. Vipers Over Bosnia Pt 1: USAFE F-16C/D Operation Deny Flight

    Nice work Daddyairplanes........Well done!
  6. You want great mods - You gota pay. Extremely worth the money! Especially if your a SF2, WOx genre aficionado. This site is still the 'Rock Star' of mods for these sims. "Well done modders and CA Administrators!"
  7. 23d Wing Pope AFB 1994

    Outstanding addition! Thanks daddyairplanes for this great package.......Bravo!
  8. Outstanding Pappychksix! Beautiful work as always. Mand. pic: F-80C from ErikGen from one of the great ones on this magnificent site!

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