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  1. Falcon 4.0 today: The Campaign

    You know, I really really want to try this game, but I am afraid it will be super difficult to learn all the start up procedures and managing the weapon systems. It might take months just to learn how to fly one type of plane and operate all it's systems properly.
  2. After the update Green hell 3.5 is broken in south vietnam, there are no trees and missing tiles
  3. Strike Fighters 2: War For Israel v3 Patch

    Hey, for some reason after installing this patch the game stopped using Stary's Israel terrain in campaigns and uses the default stock terrain (with extra trees and ground objects). In single missions everything is working fine, the game uses star's terrain! Anyone knows what can be the problem and how do I get the game use stary's terrain in the campaigns? Thanks
  4. Strike Fighters 2: War For Israel V3.0 + Sandbox

    Great pack but all the campaigns end after the second mission any idea why?? ;(
  5. Am I the only one in who's game RafaleM and RafaleC have non functional RWR?
  6. And one last thing, I downloaded the mod twice and all the Harrier folders don't have the avionics file, nor any other file other than a configuration file named after the model of the Harrier, for example Harrier1
  7. Another small issue. Rafale C's radar isn't working in all units. It's supposed to show air and ground threats but instead it's empty even when I am near enemies
  8. Operation Odyssey Dawn Update

    you know what could be cool? Operation Odyssey lightning against ISIS in Libya :)
  9. Hello it seems like I have a little problem with your mod. The campaigns lack the AI versions of laser guided bombs that my wing man should use. INSTALLATION: SF2 europe, Israel, north Atlantic and Vietnam merged folder with num 1 and num 2 DLCS all patched to July 2013 PATH: path of mod is in c\users\david\saved games\thirwire\strike fighters 2 Libyan conflict path of game: D\games\strike fighters 2 CAMPAIGN WORKING: yes AIR UNIT OF THE CAMPAIGN: all air units AIRCRAFT USED BY AIR UNIT: the problem appears in all campaigns I've tried in all air units. No AI version of smart bombs
  10. Does it work with the ODS campain?
  11. How do I make this terrain to be the default terrain in Vietnam air and ground expansion pack 2.1?
  12. Hi it's a great mission but it seems like there's a little problem when I play it. All the missions start around 6:30 am and there is no variation in mission time at all. Is that supposed to be like that? If not is there a way to fix that? Thanks
  13. Still waiting for the isis mod
  14. Opération Serval

    Can't find the flight folder in the mod folder. Help anyone?

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