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  1. Episode V posted. 'Wings Over The Reich: War Stories From The Battle Of Britain!' S!Blade<><
  2. Episode IV posted. 'Wings Over The Reich: War Stories From The Battle Of Britain!' S!Blade<><
  3. Thanks for the comment Sky High. I agree with what you say. There is a reason they are called The Greatest Generation. Episode III posted. S!Blade<><
  4. Hello all Combat Ace Veterans. Here is a project I have been working on for a while in WOTR. Check it out at SimHQ if you like. 'Wings Over The Reich: War Stories From The Battle Of Britain!' S!Blade<><
  5. Thanks for sharing 33lima. For someone who would love to go there, and probably never will, this is as good as it gets. Of course you know that you have to share the pilot garb adorned selfie in the Spitty cockpit or you will have to stricken from the list of the few to the list of the many(whom haven't)! I have a volume of the Haynes ‘Battle of Britain - RAF Operations Manual on the way and I purchased a copy of "Spitfire Ace" at your recommendation. Now if I can just find time to actually read it. Anyway, great pictures, glad you enjoyed yourself Bentley Priory and I am looking forward to part #2 Sir. S!Blade<><
  6. All pics taken in IL2FB1946 4.08 are just a bunch of color dots filling the page and everyone is exactly the same? HHHHHHEEEEEEELLLPPPPPPP????? lol A plug for Mission Mate 3.0 , I downloaded it last night and installed at 9:00p.m. and i did not hit the rack until 6:00a.m. LMAO!!! This addon QMB blows the in game QMB away. Get it Now!!! Thanks for any help i can recieve regarding my prob. One Love Blade S!
  7. LOL , With the price of fuel these days the Pilots & Basket operaters are insisting on a "pay before you pump", policy. Luckily, all Ruskie Planes come equiped with in cockpit quick payment stations. Just Slide and Pump. Waite a minute , that doesn't sound right? ###??? Anyway , Filler up comradsky!!!!!!!! LOL Peace&Check 6 Blade
  8. Lomac

    Peace&Check6 L8er Blade
  9. Lomac

    I have a ton more if u like Bro. Nice Site Thnk U!!! Blade

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