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  1. just a couple ?z (SF1 08 patch level) 1> In some terrains I can't take off from my aircraft carrier though it works in other terrains. Is there an easy terrain fix 4 that? (The plane(s) always crash immediately at start of mission. Also, on some large aircraft (in this case the B-1B mod) the plane is difficult 2 control and wants to roll in one direction all the time. The stability prob in large aircraft makes for Ais having trouble staying in formation. Not 2 mention annoying me. The B-1 in question seems to have way 2 much inertia in pitch or inadequate stability as in too small of control surfaces or something. To correct the roll prob in other planes I have incremented I think the cpd (something like that) value in the data.ini file. I believe I have a doc for this site with some explanation on the data file. 2> Does anyone have a complete list of what each value in the aircraft data file does? Especially, has anyone had trouble flying large planes ias described and have found a fix??? (I have looked 4 answers, just would like to get a quick answer if possible, instead of meticulously solving the prob myself.) ALSO...I have almost completed my 'F-4S' for uploading. Has corrected skins and a few more things. Prob be a few more days as getting everything right is painfully slow and tedious. ( I think I damaged my ass from sitting in front of a computer so long. Did I mention I used to be a database admin? With remote control software I found I didn't actually move much at all from my office ie to the server room or to help and end user [ it was a small biz...I had to do all kinds of stuff. ] )
  2. i fixed it so it will work on sf1...will finish shrinking the skins and try to get the Aim-4 missles to show up on the weapons loadout screen as an option and see if the will shoot I didtry to shoot down enemy planes with the rockets and did not succeed...got close but the went just over the wing f an enemy AI but no cigar thanks so much for the plane...when I am finished tweaking will upload for anyone wanting to use it in sf1 do love the older jets/props 2 I think I'd like the later model fighters more in a game that supported more avionics...our forces operate with awacs a, elint, info shared over a data link also, of course real fighters fly with real fighter wingmen... the more advanced missles work so much better that you really need more intellince assets and competent AI wingmen to survive against enemies with forward quadrent missles
  3. yeah, but i am using strike fighters: Project 1 i downloaded it..will see what is in the rar file
  4. oh and thank you 'krfrg' for the down load...will study oh, i have SF1 with the 08 patch (and an install without the 08 patch as well...plus more space for more installs BTW) will the included VietnamSE work by copying it into terrain folder like it is? i don't have the WOV version of the game. i use the 'DRV' and 'SEA' terrains in my SF1 installs.
  5. i believe if you are assigned to attack a 'runway' for example...if 1 bomb hits the runway...then you get more points if you destroy other targets around the runway..i believe you get credit for doing so...once a bomb hits the run way it never hurts to tell your wing men AIz to 'engage ground' even multiple times mostly i like the plane vs plane stuff...i often send msgs to my Ai flight and tell my wingman to 'cover me' so he sticks with me. also, i will send a msg to wingman to 'attack my target' if i overshoot or merge head on and the enemy Ai passes on by me. the AI ingman will sometimes get the AI bad guy. then i remind my wingman to cover me or 'rejoin' when you're doing air2 ground u can tell your wingman to attack your (Visual) target..wait a few seconds after he replies affirmative then hit the button to put the red square on a different ground target (assuming it is small enough to need help seeing it) i must say though the original '60avionics.dll' leaves something to be desired when it comes to bombing. I believe the stock mirage factory F-18A has better iron bomb dropping site it seems the cockpit of the F-4 could be modified to have a better site. in the real plane you can manually depress the bombsite piper. also, i believe the bombing system in the F-4 was improved during the war (and after Vietnam as well) I have the fight manual for the F-4J...but it referenses other manuals i don't have for a lot of systems. The basic flight manual does not have much in it about the backseater's radar duties. The flight manual is pretty thick BTW.
  6. i have made several installs of SF1 to have specific aircraft 'only' show up overspecific terrains (though some of that can be addressed in other ways). (it is irritating to have a n.korean mig15 show up over germany in 1980 when your in a tomcat) does anyone knowwhere 'Veltro 2K's F-102A Delta Dagger ' is? i would like a F-102 for my Vietnam War installs (i can use a f-106) to sub, but............ i seem to have spotty luck trying the search function here I think i've seen f-102s in SEA camo in books before...BTW Also, would it have been 'at all' feasable for the NVAF to have tried to send a IL-28 flight escorted by mig-21z to hit some thing in northern S.Vietnam? Armed Recon by any MiGs in Nrthn S.Vietnam? If they had tried to send recon flights south it would have drawn attention to their intentions. I doubt the ability of the VietCong or NVA regulars to have sent coordinates to whoever in N.V. with anything remotely resembling 'real-time.' Certainly, NV had knowledge of many fixed targets if they could get that far south and have the gas to get back. In my version of the vietnam war the NVAF does fly south to interfere armed recon or what have you in the southern N. Vietnam by the good guys...if only to fly in different parts of Vietnam and tangle with migs...the less air defenses the better i say. i would like to have f-102s to go ahead and intercept some intruding migs into south V. airspace. in my 'en-hanced version' install of sf1 vietnam war i have f-106s...(and mig-23z and F-4Sz)...its as if the war didn't end when it did
  7. I would ask the same question. also, if you specify a target defined in the terrain (as in not loaded in the single mission file '*.msn' will the AI aircraft continue t attack other similar targets nearby. Example, I want to have AI SEAD flight take out (or more likely absorb) SAMs, so my strike package can take out a runway or a building. But, if you can only target one sam launcher in agroup of several sam launchers having 4 or more AI planes attack that one SAM launcher isn't going to help a lot. Of course, making several flights of AI flights each targeting a single sam launcher, AAA gun, EWR, or SAM radar would take care of that, but talk about a messy file. There are a ton of air defense targets around Hanoi for example. Mostly, what I like to do is fly in the escort, CAP, of Sweep flight. Taking a fluid four over Hanoi without a strike happening is a good way to get a zillion SAMs shot at you and your flight. AIs suck at dodging SAMies. The only option is to turn the enemy air defenses to a weaker setting or more realistically add a strike package with sead to your mission. In the airwar over Hanoi...there would often be bunch of sams fired off...but not just at 1 flight of fhantoms.
  8. When building a single mission (i assume it works in camPain building) defining a aerial target in this manner seems to work: TARGET=Flight002 However, if i want to add a target that i add when writing the mission as below: [GroundMission002] GroundObjectType=FRIGATE Name=FF Escort etc etc etc Will adding a 'TARGET=' comment to the mission designate the 'Frigate' as a target. Example: 'TARGET=GroundObject002' or 'TARGET=GroundMission002' am not sure how to do that obviously...am adding the 'TARGET=' command to an aircraft (or for that matter i am wondering if i designated a groundmission object as a target for a destroyer if that would work too) Example: [AircraftMission004] AircraftType=F-4B_USMC Nation=USMC Squadron=VMFA531 AircraftNumber=00 PilotTrainingStandard=NORMAL TARGET=GROUNDOBJECT002 EXAMPLEEXAMPLEEXAMPLE [GroundMission002] GroundObjectType=FRIGATE Name=FF Escort TARGET=Flight004
  9. Oh...and with the latest patch and weps installed the AI seems to be much better and i keep getting creamed...i might have to switch the enemy skill level to 'easy' if i can't hone my tatics
  10. I a few days ago realized there was another patch level available (here at combay ace) and another later large weps pak available. I believe the patch is the 08...i had been running the last 06 level. Anyway, loading those and everything is great except now i can't see SAM smoke trails which makes it hard to dodge them. Has anyone encountered this and have an idea how to fix? Also, has anyone every taken out a AAA or SAM radar with any of the available anti-radiation missles? On any patch level. Back in the day when I first got a f-4g off columb 5 i think i hit one once and later decided it was by accident. Does wild weasel and iron hand work better in SF2? Recently I asked for recommendations about upgrading to a newer game and thanks for the suggestions everyone. After loading the latest patch and weps pak everythng is better (except the sam smoke thing) so i think i'll stick with sf1 until i can afford a much better machine and make a quantom leap in the latest ghraphic engined game like DCS. However, SF with the complete patches and high res skins, cockpits, and later editions of terrains is pretty dambn good. Is SF2 much better? I think it will run on what i got. Before i make any moves in purchasing a new game or definitely a new pc i will have to improve my finacial situation as my health issues have put me in a bind. I want to make a donation to combat ace as soon as i can as ya'll have really helped me thru some tough times keeping my mind busy with the mods and stuff. However, they raised the rent again this year and i'm having to buy more meds. The ole ticker is having some issues. Anyway, you know i love them fighter planes.
  11. Suggestions for combat flight sim upgrade

    Alright...thanks for the comments. I've enjoyed SFP1 very much and am considering SF2 if it will run on win 7 / will look into dcs FSX has that F-4J/S add-on available (forgot by who)
  12. I have finally been able to purchase a decent more recent model PC. I have MS CFS2 & SFP1 running great on it. With all the hard-drive space I have created many installs with specific planes loaded in each install so the random mission generator button will load appropriate planes. With MS CFS2 I like that you can define groups of enemy planes to chose from, but it messes up if you dump all your planes in one install. Strike Fighters 1 doesn't seem to restrict appropriate planes to showing up when flying over a terrain even if you define friendly and enemy planes in that terrain's 'nations' file. What I would like to do is upgrade to a more recent combat flight sim(s). I say sims because Id be surprised to find a game i liked for both WWII props AND jet (missile) combat. Yes...I'd like some improvement in graphics, but I like the realism (flight mode;s) to be realistic as possible. I do realize the 'air' file or 'data' file creater or modifiers have a huge impact on flight model realism. For example, I can only remember losing a F-4 to an uncontrolable spin once and that was a stock plane not a mod; while, my MiG-29 will spin if you pull to many Gs at a low airspeed (to much AOA) and its a mod add-on! Anyway, looking at pics online it appears that folks are really doing a good job on aircraft for more recent sims...and terrains. Can anyone give me some input on what would be a good combat sim buy(s)? My budget is limitted and I can not buy everything out there to see if i like it like back in the day when i had less responsibility. Oh, I do think i want to get MS FSX to get modern graphics. There's a payware F-4J/S Phantom available that I think I want. However, the VC and skin of my F-4s in Strike Fightes 1 is pretty good really. I would imagine there's probably some pretty good free mod planes for a more recent combat simZ. I'm not THAT picky...I've been living with sims that came out practically in the last millinium for Jeez sake. Input please...and thanks!!
  13. F-4S_VF-151_VF-161.rar

    I have high-res skins in there as well.
  14. F-4S_VF-151_VF-161.rar

    That worked...hey the slimmers are green on the planes, not yellow. Used Gimp2 to modify slimmers and decals by the way.
  15. View File F-4S_VF-151_VF-161.rar This rar includes 2 planes with 3 skins each. The 'modded' skins are just betaZ as am not a good aircraft skinner. The original skins are from various sites and don't have details any longer. Cockpit..: Streak Eagle's High Resolution F-4J Cockpit Version 1 Please contact me for further information as required. I fly these planes off Gramps/capun/Virtual Navy Team 'CV-43' I renamed as CV-41. The F-4S 'VF-151 & VF-161' Fantoms flew off the Midway for a number of deployments. See: www.navysite.de/cvn/cv41 for further information. Unzip the files to a temp folder, place in Strike Fighters/objects/aircraft and go fly. Submitter JRBeers101 Submitted 09/29/2017 Category F-4 Phantom II  

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