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  1. thank you for your answer @Wrench.I've already tried these ways and failed.another problem is that I want to shadow Alpha objects,I select the shadow option in the terrain editor,but I failed to shadow Alpha objects, do you have any suggestions on this ?
  2. With my 64-bit operating system,I want to build a 3D tree, a house.if that's not possible ,how do I put the 3D tree on the map ? What program should I use outside of terrain editor ? thankyou..
  3. in the SF 2 Europe game,there is no sound outside the speech sounds,has it ever experienced this problem ?and do you have any suggestions for a solution ? thanks in advance
  4. I wanted to share with you the chart setting, which I received nice result. You can write your recommendations for better charting results. \Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe options.ini : [GraphicsOptions] DisplayDeviceID=0 DisplayWidth=1600 DisplayHeight=900 DisplayDepth=32 AspectRatio=1.777778 AntiAliasing=128 ForceDX9=FALSE ForceVSyncOff=FALSE LensFlare=1 DetailLevel=3 ObjectDetail=3 ObjectTexture=3 CockpitTexture=3 CockpitMirrors=1 CockpitReflection=1 EffectsDetail=3 TerrainDetail=3 TerrainTexture=3 HorizonDistance=3 GroundObjectDensity=3
  5. how do I fix the problem in the image ?
  6. I thank you for your reply but I have not managed to create it manually. Can someone do this for me?
  7. can someone give me the 'texture list' of the SWUS map?
  8. What does the game need to support the GIF? Is it a new infrastructure?
  9. How do I integrate tree and water and cloud GIFs(moving pictures) into the game ? moving clouds - background video - Find, Make & Share Gfycat GIFs.WEBM
  10. @Stick @yakarov79 Thank you both for your answers
  11. yes i noticed this error but i have no time to investigate the reason ,do you have a recommendation to me in this regard?

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