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  1. What does the game need to support the GIF? Is it a new infrastructure?
  2. How do I integrate tree and water and cloud GIFs(moving pictures) into the game ? moving clouds - background video - Find, Make & Share Gfycat GIFs.WEBM
  3. @Stick @yakarov79 Thank you both for your answers
  4. yes i noticed this error but i have no time to investigate the reason ,do you have a recommendation to me in this regard?
  5. I can't spare time for the map work..I'm sorry to announce my work very early..
  6. Coastal Range

    thank you..
  7. img02832.JPG

  8. AMERİCA1.2 80% of this map is over. if i can spare time i will share in a few weeks ..
  9. playing with sf 2 europa lan connection

    this is very sad :( thank you for reply..

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