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  1. Coastal Range

    thank you..
  2. img02832.JPG

  3. AMERİCA1.2 80% of this map is over. if i can spare time i will share in a few weeks ..
  4. playing with sf 2 europa lan connection

    this is very sad :( thank you for reply..
  5. have a way to play sf2 europe with a two friend lan connection ? (please use simple language)
  6. I do not think I will have a problem with fps. because I can solve this problem with some methods
  7. Thank you very much for everyone's answers. I will not share other maps until I solve the tree problem.I wrote to STARY. but I will focus on the maps outside this.but do not worry, I'll share the maps with you when it's done..hope we can solve the tree problem....
  8. would not trees out of the border with that method?
  9. I tried it but it did not work
  10. it seems that the underlying cause of this problem is the old game infrastructure ??

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