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SF2V Air & Ground War Expansion Pack v2.0 - Sep. 2014 Update

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SF2V Air & Ground Expansion Pack v. 2.1 - Sept. 2014 Update


This is an update package for the "Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam Air & Ground Expansion Pack v. 2.1" Gold/Final Release available at CombatAce. This update contains fixes for the ThirdWire post-Mar2012 patch levels as well as enhancements for all supported patch levels. It also contains updates for those with ThirdWire's "Strike Fighters 2: North Atantic" (SF2NA) integrated into their SF2 installations.


This is a cumulative update, meaning that it contains all the fixes and updates from previous updates to the Expansion Pack as well as some new ones. It is designed to be applied over the top of an existing installation of the version 2.1 Expansion Pack. You can download the four main Expansion Pack files here:


Part 1:



Part 2:



Part 3:



Part 4:



This update is designed to be applied over verison 2.1 (Mar. 2010) of the Expansion Pack. If you installed the original version 2.0 from Nov. 2009 but have not updated to the Mar. 2010 version (available in the links above), you should update before applying this update package.


Please take a look over the remainder of this ReadMe before installing the update.






** Minimum Requirements: SF2V, SF2, & SF2E


The orignal release of the Expansion Pack required only "Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam" (SF2V). With the release of this update package, the minimum requirements have changed. In addition to SF2V you must also have "Strike Fighters 2" (SF2, with the Desert terrain) as well as "Strike Fighters 2: Europe" (SF2E) as part of your base install of Strike Fighters 2.


The original SF2 and SF2E are now required in order to provide several aircraft that are not included in SF2V: A-4B, A-4B_65, MiG-17, and MiG-17PF. Previously we supplied alternate stand-in versions for these aircraft. With this update, we are now requiring that the ThirdWire originals be part of the install -- and that means requiring the installation of SF2 and SF2E.


** Support for SF2NA


This update adds support for installations that include SF2NA, but SF2NA is not required.


** Patch Levels


This update supports several different patch levels:


1. Jun2009b: the last patch level before Dec2009, which introduced support for DX10. The first phase of the install process for this update provides all the files necessary for the Jun2009b patch level. Those on later patch levels will need to proceed with the additional install steps in order to pick up the updated files for later patch levels.


2. post-Mar2012: any patch level from Mar2012 through the most recent patches in 2013 is also supported. Files unique to these patch levels are installed in later steps during the install process described below.


We understand that some users may have stopped patching at some point during 2011. The post-Mar2012 patch level updates can probably be used to support any patch level after May2011, with one major caveat: those with patch levels between May2011 and Nov2011 should not install the \Menu\*.STR files from the post-Mar2012 updates. In other words, install everything in this update for the post-Mar2012 patch level except for those two .STR files (stick with the updated versions found in the Jun2009b update files).


** VPAF Add-on


The VPAF Add-on for the SF2V Expansion Pack was released in Feb. 2011 as a separate download:




This Add-on is now required in order to install this update package. The update process has been built on the assumption that the VPAF Add-on package is installed (with its alternate campaigns and several aircraft updates). If you have not already downloaded and installed the VPAF Add-on package, please do so before trying to install this update.






Unlike most previous updates, this update starts with a file replacement stage. During this stage you will remove some outdated aircraft from your Expansion Pack install and replace them with newer versions. After replacing those outdated aircraft, you will proceed with the main part of the installation process.


The main installation process has three major phases: one for all patch levels; a second for the post-Mar2012 & later patch levels; a third for installations with SF2NA. Move through each phase and apply the updated files as directed until you hit a step that does not apply to your installation.


In other words, EVERYONE performs Phase 1. If your install is at the Mar2012 patch level or later, you should then do Phase 2. If your install also includes SF2NA, do Phase 3 as well.


Before installing this update you should:


1. Ensure that SF2V is properly installed & updated. (Note that SF2 and SF2E must be part of your base install.)


2. Ensure that the Expansion Pack v. 2.1 (Mar. 2010) is installed to your SF2V Mod Folder. (Also, the VPAF Add-on must be installed.)


3. This update is distributed as a two part download. You must unpack both parts. Unpack both SF2V_AG-XP_v2_Sep14_Pt1.7z and SF2V_AG-XP_v2_Sep14_Pt2.7z to a safe place on your drive.


Now you're ready to install the update.




Open the \0_Replace directory in the folder where you unpacked the Expansion Pack update package. The 0_Replace directory includes complete new versions of several aircraft (including decals):


- B-52D

- B-52F

- B-52G


First, locate and remove the equivalent older versions of these aircraft from your existing install of the SF2V Expansion Pack. That means removing the aircraft folders from \Objects\Aircraft as well as the decals for them from \Objects\Decals (all are found in your SF2V Mods Folder.)


Now copy or move the three aircraft from 0-Replace\Objects\Aircraft directory to the \Objects\Aircraft directory in your SF2V Mod Folder.


If your installation's patch level is at Mar2012 or later, do the same with the aircraft folders in 0-Replace\Objects\Aircraft_Mar2012, allowing Windows to overwrite files as prompted.


Finally, move the folders from 0-Replace\Objects\Decals to the \Objects\Decals folder in your SF2V Mod Folder.


Note that you should NOT simply drop the newer versions of these aircraft over the older versions or you may wind up with broken aircraft. You really do need to remove the older versions first before dropping in the newer versions. Also, if your patch level is Mar2012 or later, you DO need to install the files from both \Aircraft and \Aircraft_Mar2012. (The \Aircraft_Mar2012 directory does not contain a complete set of files for the aircraft.)


Now that you've replaced these old aircraft with newer versions, you're ready for the main part of the installation process.




Open the \1_All_Patch_Levels directory. Drag and drop all the files and folders from within that directory to your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting as prompted.


If you are running SF2V at any patch level earlier than Dec2009, then your installation process is finished. If you are running at the Mar2012 or later patch level, then you have at least one more step.




If you are running the Mar2012 patch level or later, then open the \2_Mar2012_Patch_Level directory. Drag and drop all the files and folders from within that directory to your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting as prompted.


If your base install does not include SF2NA, then stop here -- your installation is finished. If your installation includes SF2NA, then proceed to the next step.




If your installation includes SF2NA, then open the \3_SF2NA directory. Drag and drop all the files and folders from within that directory to your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting as prompted.


* * * * *


That's it. You should be good to go.


You may now consider installing some of the optional items discussed the remainder of this ReadMe. Also, there are notes on some of the new additions found in this update.



Optional A-1 Cockpits



Included in the \OPTIONAL\A-1_Cockpits folder are two alternate cockpits for the A-1 Skyraiders. The first, made by Dels, was released in Oct. 2011. The second, made by CA_Stary, is based on the default F-8 cockpit.


The \A-1_Cockpits folder contains one copy of Dels's A-1 cockpit, including the \Cockpit folder as well as the necessary COCKPIT.INIs for each of the Skyraiders.


If you prefer Stary's A-1 cockpit, you can find a copy of that in \A-1_Cockpits\_ca-stary-cockpit (the cockpit folder is contained in a ZIP file that will need to be unpacked).


Also included in A-1_Cockpits\old-cockpit are backups of the old .INIs and the old \Cockpit folder from the original Expansion Pack install.


To install:


1. Remove the existing \Cockpit folder from each of the A-1 folders in \Objects\Aircraft (found in your SF2V Mod Folder).


2. Copy the new \Cockpit folder to each of the A-1 folders in \Objects\Aircraft.


3. Copy the new COCKPIT.INIs to the appropriate A-1 folders in \Objects\Aircraft.



Optional MiG Cockpits



Included in the \OPTIONAL\MiG_Cockpits folder are alternate cockpits for the J-5, J-6, MiG-17, MiG-17F, and MiG-17PF. These alternate cockpits are designed for use on the Jun2009b patch level, as the newer MiG-17 and MiG-19 cockpits use LODs not compatible with that old patch level. If you are using one of the later supported patch levels (Mar2012 or later), then you do not need to use these older cockpits.


There are three folders in the MiG_Cockpits folder:


- J-6: contains an older cockpit and the INI files for the J-6

- MiG-17_J-5: contains an older cockpit and the INI files for both the

J-5s, the MiG-17, and the MiG-17F

- MiG-17PF: contains an older cockpit and the INI files for the MiG-17PF


To install:


1. Remove the existing \Cockpit folder from each of the aircraft folders in \Objects\Aircraft (found in your SF2V Mod Folder) that you intend to replace.


2. Copy the new \Cockpit folder from each of the sub-folders in \MiG_Cockpits to each of the aircraft folders in \Objects\Aircraft that you are replacing.


3. Copy the new COCKPIT.INIs and AVIONICS.INIs from the sub-folders in \MiG_Cockpits to the appropriate aircraft folders in \Objects\Aircraft. Keep in mind that some aircraft will have only a COCKPIT.INI, not an AVIONICS.INI.


Do not mix and match folders and INIs. In other words, don't take the \Cockpit folder from the J-6 sub-folder in \MiG_Cockpits, add it to one of the J-5 folders in your Mod directory, then add the J-5_cockpit.INI from J-5_MiG_17 sub-folder to same aircraft folder in your Mod directory.


If you are adding the INI files correctly to the aircraft folders in your Mod directory, they should overwrite the existing INI files in the target aircraft folders.



Formation Take-Offs



Included in the \Optional\Formation_TO folder is a set of Airfield.INIs that enable EZLead's "Staggered Take-offs" (aka "Formation Take-offs") for all the airfield types in the VietnamSEA terrain.


To use these alternate Airfield.INIs (and thus enable formation take-offs), simply copy the INIs to \Terrains\VietnamSEA and \SouthVietnam.


A few notes about these new INIs:


1. Formation take-offs may cause problems for some of the larger aircraft (e.g., B-57s, C-130s, etc.).


2. The airfield.INI used for U Tapao RTAFB is vietnamSEA_airfield6b.ini, which is a copy of the default 3rdWire vietnamSEA_airfield6.ini. As a result, staggered take-offs are not enabled at that air base because that base is used by the B-52s in campaigns.


IMPORTANT: even if you elect NOT to use the staggered/formation take-offs airfield.INIs, a copy of the vietnamSEA_airfield6b.ini file MUST REMAIN in each of the terrain folders because the TARGETS.INI for each terrain references it.



Alternate Aircraft



The \Optional\Alt_Aircraft directory contains three alternate aircraft that you may consider installing. Each requires files from ThirdWire.


1. Canberra20


The Canberra20 is the ThirdWire version of the Camberra Mk.20 used by the RAAF in South Vietnam. This alternate version is inlcuded in SF2E Expansion Pack 2 pack from ThirdWire. If SF2E Expansion Pack 2 is part of your install, simply copy or move the \Canberra20 folder to \Objects\Aircraft in your SF2V Mods Folder.


2. AC-47


The AC-47 Spooky is the first gunship developed by the USAF for use in South Vietnam. This aircraft is based on the C-47 included in SF2I Expansion Pack 1. If Expansion Pack 1 is part of your install, simply copy or move the \AC-47 folder to \Objects\Aircraft in your SF2V Mods Folder.


3. C-47A


The C-47A is a WWII-era transport that saw use by the USAF and allied forces in the Vietnam War. If Expansion Pack 1 is part of your install, simply copy or move the \C-47A folder to \Objects\Aircraft in your SF2V Mods Folder.


4. Li-2


The Li-2 Cab is a Soviet-produced version of the C-47 (DC-3) flown by the VPAF. This aircraft is based on the C-47 included in SF2I Expansion Pack 1. If Expansion Pack 1 is part of your install, simply copy or move the \Li-2 folder to \Objects\Aircraft in your SF2V Mods Folder.


5. F-104C_61 & F-104C_66


These are alternate versions of the F-104C, flown by the USAF from bases in South Vietnam and Thailand. These two alternate versions (which collectively supercede the third-party version shipped with the default SF2V Expansion Pack) require that you have the DLC 28 (AI Plane Pack 1) from ThirdWire installed. If that DLC is part of your base install, simply copy or move both F-104C aircraft folders to \Objects\Aircraft in your SF2V Mods Folder. The Rolling Thunder campaign will automatically use these new aircraft in lieu of the default F-104C included with the SF2V Expansion Pack.


Please note that all of the above alternate aircraft can co-exist with the original versions of these aircraft supplied with the SF2V Expansion Pack. There is no need to remove the older versions, though you are welcome to do so.



Alternate Ships



Also included are two USN destroyers (the Charles F. Adams class and Farragut or Coontz class) based on the DLG-10 included in the "Yankee Air Pirate 2" and "Yankee Air Pirate 3" commercial mods. To use these optional destroyers you must have the necessary LOD files from "Yankee Air Pirate".


Installation of these destroyers is simple:


1) Copy the Coontz2.LOD from "Yankee Air Pirate" to the \Adams and \Farragut

folders in \Optional\Alt_Ships (in the location where you unpacked this

update package).


2) Create collision LODs for both destroyers by making a copy of Coontz2.LOD

and renaming it Coontz2_COL.LOD.


3) Move the Adams and Farragut destroyers from \Optional\GroundObject to

\Objects\GroundObject in your MOD folder.


Please note that these alternate ships require your install be at the Mar2012 or later patch levels. They can be made to work at earlier patch levels, but doing so requires editing of the INI to remove Mar2012 patch level configuration data.



Rolling Thunder Variant Campaigns



The default Rolling Thunder campaign included with Sf2V is a sprawling multi-year affair, allowing players to fly one aircraft for a particular squadron over an extended period of time. In some cases, depending on the squadron selected, the 50 mission campaign might extend from March 1965 all the way through October 1968 -- a spread of three and a half years.


For this update we decided to supply seven variant campaigns that break the Rolling Thunder campaign into 6-9 month chunks. You will find these new campaign variants listed in the camapigns menu by letter and start date:


Campaign Dates

-------- ----

Rolling Thunder (A) 2 Mar. 1965 - 1 Sep. 1965

Rolling Thunder (B) 1 Sep. 1965 - 1 Mar. 1966

Rolling Thunder © 1 Mar. 1966 - 1 Sep. 1966

Rolling Thunder (D) 1 Sep. 1966 - 1 Mar. 1967

Rolling Thunder (E) 1 Mar. 1967 - 1 Sep. 1967

Rolling Thunder (F) 1 Sep. 1967 - 1 Mar. 1968

Rolling Thunder (G) 1 Mar. 1968 - 1 Nov. 1968


You will find that these date-specific variant campaigns allow for a more focused campaign exerience, with the interval between campaign missions reduced to a few days (as opposed to the weeks or months long intervals in the default campaign).


These new campaigns also allow for more dedicated coverage of the various areas of the North Vietnam terrain. Thus, you will find the 1965 campaigns are far more focused on target areas in the southern part of North Vietnam, whereas the campaigns from 1966 and 1967 have more missions into Pack VI -- the Hanoi and Haiphong areas (along with Thai Nguyen).


Finally, these campaign variants allow us to place USN squadron on the actual carriers they flew from during Rolling Thunder. Historically, USN squadrons often moved among several carrier air wings, which themselves moved on occasion from one carrier to another. The default Rolling Thunder campaign does not reflect these changes, as the Rebase command in campaigns can be used only for land-based squadrons. In these new Rolling thunder variant campaigns, however, we've taken care to base squadrons on the actual carriers they flew from from during the time periods covered by these campaigns.


Although the original Rolling Thunder campaign is still available, we think you'll find these new variant campaigns to be an interesting new way to enjoy a Rolling Thunder tour of duty in SF2V.



A Note on the Helicopters



Several helicopters have been added as flyable aircraft in this update. Set the "Flight Model" in "Game Play Options" to "Normal," and use your thrust vectoring controls in conjunction with the standard SF2 flight controls to maneuver and fly the helos.


At the end of the day, please remember that Strike Fighters is NOT a helicopter sim. That means helo flight models are rough, unrealistic, and borderline unstable. It also means that AI helo pilots can occasionally run into difficulties, esp. when trying to land these things.


Until someone creates better helo flight models for SF2 (or TK updates the ThirdWire flight engine to accommodate helicopters), that's just the way it is. If you don't like the way the helos fly, then don't fly them.



New Terrain Target Areas



This update adds 32 new target areas to the VietnamSEA terrain. Some of these new target areas are also included in the SouthVietnam terrain.


Bac Giang Rail Yard

Hanoi Rail Car Repair Shop

Trung Qui Mo Munitions Factory

Nam Dinh Munitions Factory

Nam Dinh Textile Mills

Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant

Bac Le Barracks & Supply Depot

Canal des Rapides Bridge [Hanoi]

Canal of Bamboo [w/ Nam Dinh Port facilities]

Kep POL Storage

Do Son POL Storage

Hong Lieu POL Storage

Nguyen Khe POL Storage

Thai Nguyen Truck Yard

Hai Duong Truck Yard

Thai Nguyen Warehouse Storage

Haiphong Warehouse Storage

Nam Dinh Warehouse Storage

Quon Lang Warehouse Storage *

Thanh Hoa Warehouse Storage

Vinh Loc Warehouse Storage

Yen Bai Warehouse Storage

Vinh Warehouse Storage *

Bac Giang Transshipment Point

Phuc Yen SAM Storage Facility

Quon Lang SAM Storage & Support Facility *

Hong Gai Radar Station

Lach Truong Radar Station

Dien Chau Radar Station

Muong Xen EW Radar Station

Moc Chau EW Radar Station

Phuc Yen Air Defense Command & Control Center


* = also in South Vietnam



SF2NA Support: Some Notes



As noted earlier in this ReadMe, this update adds support for SF2NA. If SF2NA is part of your base install of Strike Fighters 2, you will enjoy the following:


- new aircraft: EA-6B_71, E-2A/B, E-2C

- carrier take-offs in single missions for USN aircraft

- new ships: GearingFRAM1B, Knox, LCC-19, LPD-4

- carrier battle groups in single missions


Unfortunately, we were not able to implement full support for SF2NA-style carrier battle groups in campaigns. SF2NA uses a new and different system for integrating carriers into campaigns. At present there is no practical way to use that new system (which supports carrier battle groups) with SF2V campaigns.


The Rolling Thunder campaign presents the biggest problem, as it requires that carriers perform multiple tours on Yankee Station over an extended period of time. SF2NA-style carrier battle groups do not have the ability to perform multiple tours. Furthermore, the large number of carriers used in the later campaigns (Linebacker I & II) makes it difficult to implement carrier battle groups on Yankee Station.


You will see other ships (some destroyers and misc. support ships) on Yankee Station in campaigns. These ships, however, are static terrain objects and do not move with the carriers.


This news will undoubtedly come as a disappointment for those with SF2NA, some of whom may have expected to see SF2NA-style carrier battle groups in SF2V campaigns. If and when TK ever implements a system that allows carrier battle groups to be included in campaigns that require multiple tours over the course of several years, we will update the Expansion Pack campaigns accordingly. Until then, though, we are stuck with the old-style carrier system for campaigns.



Change Log



This update (formerly the Sept. 2013 Update) was refreshed in September 2014. New fixes &

updates include the following:


- C-47A Skytrain (optional aircraft)

- An-2 VPAF silver skin

- new F-111A skins

- Il-28 cockpit

- deck lighting for all aircraft carriers

- fake afterburner nodes for a number of older model third-party aircraft

- minor updates & fixes to six dozen aircraft

- visual shoot-cue for F-4D cockpits

- minor updates to some effects

- new hangar & loading screens for VPAF aircraft




This update also contains the following fixes and add-ons from previous cumulative update releases:


** September 2013: **



- Implemented DIANE mod for A-6A/B cockpits

- Added Home Fries' A-6 skins to A-6A/B

- Added VA-115 skins to A-6B

- Added VA-86 Diamonds skin to A-7E

- Added new VPAF & PLAAF skins to An-2

- Added VPAFSilver1 skin to An-12

- completely overhauled B-52D/F/G

- Added VNAF skins to B-57B

- Added new skins to EA-6B

- tweaked/updated USAFCamo2 F-4 skins

- Added new skin to F-4E Rivet Haste

- Added VF-102 skin to F-4J

- Added new Silver & Camo skins to F-104C

- Implemented gunsight mod for F-105Ds

- Added new skins to KA-6D

- Added VNAF skins to A-1H/J

- Added VNAF skins to AC-119G/K, C-130A, O-1E, O-2A, & UH-1D

- Added new camo & grey skins to MiG-17F

- Overhauled J-6/MiG-19 VPAF925 skin

- Replaced J-6/MiG-19 VPAFBlue1 skin

- Added PLAAFSilver1 skin to J-6

- Implemented "Pure Fighter" changes to MiG-17 & MiG-17F

- Added new cockpits for MiG-17s & J-6/MiG-19

- Added VPAFSilver2 skin to MiG-21F

- Overhauled MiG-21PFM 927_Green & 927_Camo skins

- Implemented tweaks or minor fixes for almost every aircraft

- Upgraded ships for Mar2012/SF2NA compatibility

- Upgraded all AAA guns

- Upgraded all SAMs & SAM radars

- Added new destroyed LODs for some ground objects

- Updated or tweaked a number of weapons & guns

- Added a few new weapons

- Added new SA-2 missile models

- Overhauled Environment.INI for post-Dec2010 patch levels

- Updated FlightEngine.INI, Nations.INI, SpeechSystem.INI for

Mar2012 & later patch levels

- Updated custom MissionSummary.STR & MissionType.STR files for

Mar2012 & later patch levels

- Added a number of custom sounds to SoundList.INI

- Updated SquadronList.INI

- Added a number of new items to terrain TargetTypes.INI

- Added updated VietnamSEA_Water.bmp for SF2NA

- Added custom WaterNormal.BMP to both terrains

- Renamed Noi Bai Airfield to Phuc Yen Airfield

- Overhauled or tweaked dozens of target areas in Targets.INI

- Added 32 new target areas to terrain Targets.INI (see above)

- Implemented minor twaks/fixes to all campaigns

- Added seven date-specific Rolling Thunder variant campaigns



- AC-47 Spooky ++

- E-2A/B Hawkeye +

- E-2C Hawkeye +

- EA-6B_71 (ThirdWire) +

- F-104C_61 (ThirdWire) *

- F-104C_66 (ThirdWire) *

- J-5 Fresco-A

- J-5A Freco-C

- Li-2 Cab ++

* Note: these aircraft require DLC 28 from ThirdWire

+ Note: these aircraft require SF2NA from ThirdWire

++Note: this aircraft requires SF2I Expansion Pack 1



- Adams Class DDG

- Allen M. Sumner Class DD

- Austin Class ATD

- Bainbridge Class CGN

- Belknap Class CG

- Blue Ridge Class ACS

- Enterprise Class CVAN

- Farragut Class DLG

- Forrest Sherman Class DD

- Forrestal Class CVA

- Garcia Class FF

- Gearing FRAM IB Class DD

- Knox Class FFG

- Leahy Class CG

- Midway Class CVA

- Mitscher Class DL

- Small Cargo Ship

- Soviet Cargo Ship

- Soviet Trawler

- Spy Trawler

- USN Tanker

- USN Transport

* Note: some ships require SF2NA or LOD files from YAP


** January 2012: **



- Dels' A-1 cockpit included as an optional item

- EZLead's "Staggered/Formation Take-offs" mod included as an optional item

- A-1 Skyraider weapon stations & loadouts overhauled by Malibu43

- alternate USMC F-4 loadouts included in May2011 & later patch levels

- F-102A flight model replaced

- MissionChance schedules for most aircraft in Steel Tiger & Easter Offensive

campaigns overhauled

- a few new weapons added (others fixed)



- cartoonishly large explosion debris reduced in bomb explosion and flak

effects for Dec2009 & later patch levels

- A-6A/B Intruder drop tanks fixed on May2011 & later patch levels

- SouthVietnam terrain tweaked to prevent VPAF MiGs from intruding

- CBU-14As & CBU-25s fixed to allow AI pilots to use them properly


** September 2011: **



- added optional A-1 cockpits based on the F-8's (by Stary)

- updated ground wars for Steel Tiger & Easter Offensive campaigns

- added new napalm effect (by Stary) to BLUs

- updated NATIONS.INI for May2011 patch level

- updated FLIGHTENGINE.INI for May2011 patch level

- updated SOUNDLIST.INI for May2011 patch level

- updated SQUADRONLIST.INI for May2011 patch level

- updated ENVIRONMENTSYSTEM.INI for May2011 patch level

- added new 3W VNAF A-1 textures

- added VNAF camo texture to B-57B

- overhauled Cessna180 & O-1E and added new cockpits to each

- added USNGrey5 texture to F-8C & F-8C_66

- added three new textures to O-2A

- added updated "Willie Pete" effects for May2011 patch level

- updated terrain DATA.INIs for May2011 patch levels to correct

visual problems with height maps, water levels, & coast lines



- minor corrections to A-6A, A-6B, EA-6A, EA-6B, B-26K, B-57B, CanberraB20,

Canberra20, F-100D, F-100D_64, F-100D_68, F-100D_WW, & O-2A

- minor corrections/updates to most post-Dec2009 F-4s to account for model

differences from earlier patch versions

- minor corrections to most AAA, SAM, and radar ground objects

- minor corrections to a number of other ground objects

- minor corrections to several tanks & weapons


** April 2011: **



- minor updates & tweaks to Rolling Thunder, Linebacker II,

Easter Offensive, & Steel Tiger campaigns

- added medals pack for North & South Vietnam

- adjusted Altitude data in MissionControl.INI

- updated & expanded SquadronList.INI

- added new cockpit textures for F-111A

- tweaked textures for F-4B

- added USMCGrey3 texture for F-4B_67

- added field-mod bomb racks for Canberra B.20 (both 3rdWire

& ajundair versions)

- added new engine sound for AC-119s

- minor tweaks/updates to several other aircraft

- changed gun targeting on NVA tanks from AIR_AND_GROUND to GROUND

- added dummy SA-2D missile to ZiL-157 SA-2 Trailer

- added FAB-50, Canberra bomb rack, and weapons for Hueys

- minor fixes/updates for both VietnamSEA & SouthVietnam terrains



- F-4G Phantom II (VF-213, USN)

- UH-1B Huey Gunship

- UH-1D Huey


** February 2011: **



- minor fixes to MiG-17 skins

- minor tweaks to EA-6B



- added B-26K Counter Invader

- added F-4D LORAN

- updated Steel Tiger & Easter Offensive Campaigns

- updated/expanded SquadronList.INI

- updated unit designations for several texture sets

- added two dozen new weapons


** January 2011: **



- checked all radar family names

- checked all radars, jammers, RWR for freq data

- fixed afterburner effects for post-Dec2009

- added proper CEP to all bombs, rockets, & A2G missiles

- checked all LGB/AI bomb names

- added cartridge weights for all custom guns

- added ammo weights on aircraft internal guns w/ EjectShells=FALSE

- checked NumSquadron= for all carriers in campaigns

- checked campaign names

- checked weapons EffectsClasses

- integrated Malibu43's EasterOffensive & SteelTiger campaign fixes

- added missing cockpit files to some aircraft

- added destroyed models to some aircraft



- added new 'Nam-era weapons

- added O-2A Skymaster

- updated RF-8 skins

- updated some F-4B_67 & F-4J skins

- updated O-1E U.S. Army decals

- updated A-1H/J USNGrey1 decals

- added a few new effects

- added nations music for campaigns



- added Exp Pack 2 water .BMP

- updated FlightEngine.INI

- updated SquadronList.INI

- added A-1H_67 & A-1J_67

- updated B-57B DATA.INI for Exp. Pack 2

- added CanberraB20 from Exp. Pack 2 as Optional/flyable

- integrated A-1H/J_67 into campaigns


** July 2010: **



- replaced grey-background VF-111 tail decals

w/ white-background versions on F-4Bs

- updated A-1H/J flight models

- updated B-57B flight model

- tweaked F-102A control surfaces

- added custom AIM-4D for F-102A

- made F-102A missile bay doors automatic

- corrected several node names on Dec2009 & later F-4s

- minor fixes on F-4E Rivet Haste, R-4B, RF-4C

- added VPAF pilot to all MiGs

- added two missing sound files

- added a few missing pilots

- tweaked O-1E/Cessna180 fm & weapon stations

- tweaked F-104C fm

- filled out F-104C radar data

- tweaked AC-119 fm

- tweaked F-5 fm & control surfaces

- tweaked MiG-17 flight models

- corrected MiG-17PF radar parameters

- filled out RF-4B/C radar data

- filled out RF-8A/G radar data

- fixed OV-10 tank DATA.INI

- tweaked F-5 centerline tank data

- tweaked ENVIRONMENTSYSTEM.INI for Dec-2009 & later

- updated avionics HUDs & DTVMaterials for Dec2009 & later shaders



- added F-5E Tiger II (VNAF)

- added F-5E Tiger II (VPAF)

- added "dumb" AI versions of LGBs

- added 30MM_GSh-30-2 cannon

- added texture set patches for a number of aircraft

- added new Loading & Hangar screens for F-102A

- added Raven's Navy trawler texture set

- added sounds to carriers

- added clean exhaust emitters to A-1 Skyraiders

- added grey B-57B tanks

- added/updated hangar/loading screens for several aircraft

- added damage models to several aircraft

- added holes .TGAs to a number of aircraft

- customized mission type name/description strings






This update contains new items from the following modders who generously allowed their use:


Home Fries .................................. A-6A & EA-6B skins/decals

JSF_Aggie ................................... A-6B VA-115 skin

MiGBuster ................................... DIANE mod for A-6A

Wrench & RussoUK2004 ........................ AC-47 Spooky

gbreuder .................................... B-52 Vietnam Era Upgrade Package

Dave (USAFTML) .............................. B-57B VNAF skins

Paul Nortress ............................... new EA-6B skins

Crusader .................................... F-105D gunsight mod

slick_cowboy ................................ F-111E/F new skins

Paul Nortress & allenjb42 ................... new KA-6D skins

Kelvin & ArmourDave ......................... Il-28 cockpit (based on Su-17 cockpit)

MiGBuster ................................... VNAF skins for C-130A & O-1E

Paulopanz ................................... PLAAF J-5 & J-6 skins/decals

Paulopanz ................................... overhauled skins for MiG-21F, MiG-21PFM, & MiG-17F

Paulopanz ................................... Li-2 Cab

Paulopanz ................................... An-2 VPAF & PLAAF skins

Gepard ...................................... MiG-17 Pure Fighter upgrades

CA_Stary .................................... new MiG-17 & MiG-19 cockpits

The Mirage Factory............................F-5E Tiger II

Capun, Gramps, Charles, Kesselbrut, Wrench....B-26K Counter Invader

Veltro2K, Cliff11, & XRAY.....................O-2A Skymaster

Pasko ....................................... UH-1B Gunship

Kesselbrut .................................. UH-1B/D flight model

Gramps ...................................... UH-1H Huey

HrntFixr ................................... UH-1B skins

Dave (USAFTML) .............................. VF-213 F-4G skin

Dave (USAFTML) .............................. VNAF B-57B skins/decals

CA_Stary .................................... optional A-1 cockpits (based on F-8's)

Dels & CA_Stary...............................optional A-1 cockpits

liamp51 ..................................... re-textured F-111A cockpit

Malibu43......................................new A-1H/J Skyraider loadouts

FastCargo ................................... Canberra B.20 bomb racks

Wrench....................................... bits for F-4D LORAN

Malibu43......................................alternate USMC F-4 loadouts

Wrench ...................................... overhauled O-1E & Cessna180

Wrench ...................................... new textures for O-2A

Fubar512..................................... bits for EA-6B


Fubar512 & MiGBuster ........................ Carrier Deck Illumination package

WhiteBoySamurai ............................. Leahy & Bainbridge class

Julhelm ..................................... new Firecan radar

SUICIDAL .................................... New Destroyed Tank LODs

Spillone104 ................................. SA-2 Guideline Pack

Hinchinbrooke ............................... Adams class & Farragut class

Florian ..................................... USN AOE Transport

Julhelm ..................................... USN Tanker

Kesselbrut .................................. Small Cargo Ship, Trawlers

Cocas ....................................... Trawler & Soviet Trawler

Raven ....................................... Trawler skins

Crusader .................................... Soviet MANPADs for SF2

Raven........................................ Navy Trawler texture

Paulopanz ................................... medals pack for North & South Vietnam

christian59 ................................. generic aircraft damage textures

OldDiego, Pappy, Wrench, Pasko, ............. Pilots

Florian/AmokFloo, & PureBlue

CA_Stary .................................... new CBU-based napalm effect

CA_Stary .................................... updated Willie Pete effects

Malibu43 & Vigilant...........................fixed CBU-14A & CBU-25

EZLead .......................................Staggered/Formation Take-offs mod


Credits for all items included in the Expansion Pack can be found in \ReadMes_Old. If we have neglected to credit anyone here, please let us know. We will get it fixed ASAP.



Legal Stuff



We have signed onto the freeware "list" on CombatAce.com. As such, the original work here can be included or used in other mods as along as they aren't payware and credit is given to the creator(s).




Malibu43 & eburger68



malibu43 & eburger68

1 Sep. 2014

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

What does this have to do with the Feb '10 patch, its not mentioned anywhere in the instructions?


I have Viet Gold installed over December patch, including tree fix. Do I just put Febuary patch on top of this install?

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Wait, I see it now. I'm current up to Janaury patch I meant to say. But do I reinstall the whole package, or just drop Feb patch on top of what I have?

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I can't count the hours of pure delight this masterpiece of work gave me. Nor can I count the hours I would have liked to spend on flying this expansion.


Many Thanks for the time you spend in creating and supporting this single greatest addition to the Vietnam era flying.


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I have a bug with a-6's. Drop tanks ar always attached, the bombs and such show trough them, and you cant drop the tanks...? Did i do something wrong in the installation?

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Ehy Guys , thanks a lot , but for YAP 2 and 3 is possible to add the carriers whit LOD.ini files improved for one carrier for lunch and anding ? and not two same carriers for diffrent ops. thise is not real

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The DIANE on the A-6A/B doesnt seem to be working. At least not in the way that Migbuster's does. With Migbusters I have a fall-line and a CCIP crosshair. I just seem to have gunsights with this mod which dont appear to reflect a CCIP. Or am I missing something???


Appreciate the update regardless :)

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YAP2 and YAP3 are not compatible with the SF2V Expansion Pack. First, YAP2 and YAP3 are designed for SF1, not SF2. Second, separate carrier models for launch and landing can be used only in scripted missions such as those that YAP supplies. The game engine does not know how to handle separate carrier models in standard game generated single missions or campaign missions.


If you have SF2NA (which the Sept. 2013 supports), you will have parked aircraft on carrier decks. But you need SF2NA to get that effect.


Kraszus, your note about the DIANE mod is addressed in the support thread for this mod.


Eric Howes

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HI eburger68.

I am installing this update tonight and have the question about the 2 parts that the readme states I need both  SF2V_AG-XP_v2_Sept14_pt1.7z and SFV_AG-XP_V2_SEPT14_pt2.7z, But I can only find PT1.  I have looked through these pages

with no luck. could you or anyone PLEASE point me in the right direction. thanks.    BTW you do very good work.



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I have a couple questions about possible installation goofs and/or issues when running the game with the A&G Exp. and the 2014 Update

First thing I want to bring up is that the B-52D, F, and G are not playable for me. The files to make them flyable are there, but the .INI file doesn't use any of the new files. I was able to modify the B-52D ini file once, but now it appears it's in a read only mode and I can't get changes to save. When I was able to play the B-52D there was this weird graphics goof where I had some kind of floor graphic blocking my view of the instrument panel and the overhead panels. Also when I flew missions the game crashed twice during the bombing run.

Secondly I can no longer see enemy plane icons on the map during missions. Not sure if that was a conscious change or my game just derped out.


My install timeline was: Exp1, 2, 3, 4, back to Exp1 for the additional stuff, VPAF add-on, then the Sept. 2014 update. Am running the games at the July 2013 patch level, so I made sure to do the post-2012 patch items.

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On 24/03/2020 at 6:17 PM, Pykso said:

Do I need to have SF2, SF2E, SF2I and SF2NA?

It's all in the very extensive read me and also in full on the forum page for Part one of the main download. You will need to read it as you carry out the install.


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