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  1. Dshk NVietnam

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  3. Taliban 4X4 AA

  4. B-57G cockpit upgrade

  5. 368th FS P-47D skin and ini mods

  6. B-57G

  7. Hi there some small glitches noticed. IL-38N.INI file points to wrong data file, should be IL-38N_DATA.INI . Within data file the jammer section misses min max frequency statements, same goes for Il 38. One skinfolder ended up in a subfolder, just move its contend a level down and all is well. But a nice Addition to the naval search Arsenal in NA! Thank you!
  8. Hi there, since i know next to nothing about the different versions and their roles. I'm thinking of a B-52 for strictly conventinal bombing in the Sf2NA timeframe, possibly stationed on a off map airbase. So your work might come in usefull. I also remember a early SF1 WoV B-52 Vietnam era package for D/E/F versions with lot's of noseart. Iirc there were no wing pylons too. S!

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