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[Fictional] North American F-109A Retaliator

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North American F-109A 'Retaliator' for Strike Fighters 2


This is a simple mod of Julhelm's superb North American A-5A Vigilante to make a fictional 'Retaliator' interceptor-fighter in service with the USAF in the 1964 to 1988 timeline. There were actually several North American proposals for 'fighter' Vigilantes offered to the USN and to the USAF and it's a pity that the enormous potential of this amazing aircraft was never fully realised. Anyway, 'what if' markings are enclosed for three ANG squadrons;


1. 101st Fighter Interceptor Squadron - Massachusetts ANG


2. 159th Fighter Interceptor Squadron - Florida ANG


3. 186th Fighter Interceptor Squadron - Montana ANG





Development of the North American A3J-1 Vigilante progressed well during the late 1950's and the first flight of the YA3J-1 prototype in August 1958 revealed a real thoroughbred, packed from nose to tail with outstanding technology. However, a strong faction against the Vigilante was forming within the USN arguing that strategic bombing was not part of the USN's business and North American decided not to assume that large orders for the 'basic' A3J-1 would follow and they began to look at other roles for the Vigilante.


One line of development would eventually lead to the reconnaissance Vigilante (RA-5C) but another line of development transformed the A3J-1 into various fleet defender and land-based interceptor options. Fortunately, the wing of the A3J-1 was designed for zero wind over deck launches and resulted in a wing too large for low-level attack missions but ideal for a fighter. During early 1959 North American offered a long-range fighter version to the USN and USAF but had only a lukewarm response. However, following the cancellation of their F-108 Rapier in September 1959 things now became a bit more urgent for North American and they schemed a revised A3J-1 Fighter with uprated J79 engines and semi-recessed Sparrow missiles.


Trying again in 1960 they received a firm no from the USN (who by then knew they had a winner in the F4H-1 Phantom II) but the USAF agreed to a detailed analysis of an optimsed land-based interceptor-fighter (named Retaliator in May 1960) and in June 1960 announced that the Retaliator was to be ordered as an immediate follow-on to the F-106 programme with 350 ordered although this figure was later reduced to 240.


The prototype YF-109 flew on April 30th 1962 and production F-109A's entered service in early 1964 with the 5th Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Minot AFB, North Dakota. The only export order was from Canada who ordered 60 in 1968 and these entered service with No.409 squadron in 1970 remaining in service until 1990.





1. From the AIRCRAFT folder drag and drop the F-109A folder into your Aircraft folder.


2. From the DECALS folder simply sprinkle the contents into your main Decals folder.


3. From the WEAPONS folder drag and drop the two folders into your Weapons folder.


The AIM-7E_ADC is a tweaked Sparrow with a slightly brought forward service date of 1964 and set up with a SpecificStationCode to prevent Falcons from loading.


The F-109A_FUELCELL is an integral non-jettisonable fuel tank located in the redundant linear bomb bay. You must always load the fuel cell so, leave it alone, it's loaded by default. Leave it off and you'll have a gaping hole.





Julhelm's Vigilante comes with an authentic Vigilante pit by Kesselbrut so rather than just slap a Phantom pit into this bird I've used his pit and just tweaked the ini's for the interceptor-fighter role. I'm not the greatest on avionics but it works!


This aircraft needs/deserves a gun but I've resisted the temptation. However, you can add one if you like and the space from the redundant linear bomb bay could easily accommodate a neat M61 installation and

slap-bang on the centreline.





Big thanks to Julhelm for bringing one of my personal all-times favourites to the community. I've included the original read me from NeverEnough's SF2 revamp and Julhelm's 'freeware only' policy must be observed.


And thanks to Julhelm for also releasing his templates for ham-fisted amateurs like me to screw around with!


As always, thanks to TK for the continuous improvement of a great little game/sim.


And, finally, thanks to everyone in the wider Third Wire community.







Version 1 - 03/06/10




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