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F-86K For SF2 by Paulopanz 1.0

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About This File

F-86K SF-2 Complete


A.M.I.: 1^-4^-51^ Aerobrigata; 5°-36° Stormo (5 skins)

(All numbers,serials & matricole historical, thanks to X-Ray for references)

Luftwaffe: JG-74 JG-75 Silver & Camo (4 skins)

(All historical numbers by squadron plus "kubik" & M.Lenz bonus planes)

Armée de l'Air: Alpes, Artois & Auvergne (10 skins all)

(All historical numbers & serials squadron by squadron, thanks to Ludo, who made them, too)

Koninklijke Luchtmacht: 700-701-702 Squadrons (3 skins)

(All historical numbers)

Kongelige Norske Luftforsvaret: 332, 334, 337, 339 Skvadron (4 skins)

(All historical numbers & serials squadron by squadron)

Fuerza Aerea Venezoelana (1 skin)

(All historical numbers)

Fuerza Aérea Hundureña (1 skin)

(All historical numbers)


Thanks to "Bobrock" for temps, to "Soulfreak" for his constant friendy help and to Baffmeister for usual, great FM tweaks.


Original credits in original readme.


To install: as usual all in main mod folder.






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There seems to be a problem with the right wing or with the simetry data of the flight model..., because as you increasingly pull on the stick and reach a given AOA the right wing tends to stall more and more, no matter if you apply left rudder even before that occurs and it's regardless of left hand or right hand input!


So far so good, it seems to simulate a wing stall behaviour, which in reality it has a random aspect, meaning that a wing would stall before the other wing according to aileron position (which affects the AOA of a wing), YAW input, or simply to airflow dynamics! But the thing is that this wing hasn't yet reached it's real maximum AOA and it already started to stall, way before the left wing does...! This is a jet aircraft, so it doesn't have anything to do with engine torque, but anyway you'd try to stall the airplane it will ALWAYS stall with the right wing first, and this seems like a problem within the flight model data!


The left wing seems to behave correctly upon higher AOA, but the right wing reacts too early upon AOA increase! BTW this thing happens only at positive AOA, while at negative AOA it behaves correspondly!


In other words, the right wing's maximum AOA seems lower than the left wing's AOA..., which isn't normal!



I hope I didn't waste anyone's time with this post and i'm looking forward to a solve on this particular problem...! It's not such a big deal but I hope you guys will be able to fix this issue and help save this brilliant aircraft ADD-ON..., as for now it's more like an interceptor rather than a dogfighter, because of the wing...!


Thank you very much for your time!



Best regards,


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Be sure to check the ymac values for the aircraft. Since NATO fighters on SF1 onwards I have noticed the right wing is a negative value.<br>Normally the Ymac values are supposed to be negative on the left and positive on the right.<br>I hope this clarifies the problem regarding the F-86K and even the F-22 since i noticed the same problem.<br>

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:clapping: Very Good fix Vambrace. I'll include in 1.1 patched version.



To solve in F-86K_data.ini edit this to positive:







Ymac=1.42 <--------------------



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Thank you for the reply..., I didn't know what Ymac stands for, but now i understand that it's a parameter for the wing's data..., and thanks again for finding a solution for it!;)


I just love this aircraft and I couldn't stand to fly it!;)





Thanks for your time and effort!





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This is a very nice add-on for SF-2 Europe but I noticed a couple of issues still. Problem number one: This airplane was showing up on terrain where it should not have been so I checked the limited nations entries.



AircraftFullName=F-86K Sabre








UserList=F-86K_USERLIST.ini//make sure the .ini comes after F-86K_Userlist


Problem two: This problem shows up in many Sabre Data ini's so is always worth checking:
















MaxVisibleDistance=6500.0// CHECK THIS NUMBER! The F-86K data.ini is set to 500 which makes you almost invisible to the enemy AI. A ThirdWireish number here would be in the 6000 to 7000 range for this size aircraft.


Otherwise, a very nice package and the old FM holds up well.

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Baffmeister, thank you very much for the MaxVisibleDistance advice. I was flying as a red in a 1956 Europe campaign and I couldn't figure out why F-86Ks were invisible to us. Changed distance to 8400, like all other Sabres.

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