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TSF Saab JAS 39 Sea Gripen-C Package. 1.0

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About This File


Unzip the entire package into your mod folder, usually Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 or similar.



The Sea Gripen is Saabs take on a Carrier Borne Fighter, based off their Saab Gripen NG Project. It was however some ideas that the C version also

would be an ideal platform for navies with smaller Carriers as a gap-filler until the Gripen NG entered the market. The idea has since been scrapped.


However, this is the What-If Section and since we like Saab does not have a Gripen NG (E/F) available, we made one off the Gripen-C instead.

Good Gripen-C Templates are included and free for use.



This package contains one Aircraft with five skins, correct serials, nation-specific loadouts and correct weapons.



Saab Demonstrator: Two made, modified from Swedish Air Force Gripen-Cs. Initally built as a proof-of-concept but then transferred for demonstrations and

practical trials. First naval operation trials was made on the USS George H.W Bush during 2012. Alongside the many details in the contract, Saab retained

the right to the US Navy Digital Camo for use upon the airframe. Official demonstrations of these Aircraft is said to have been boosted by Saabs decision to

give out free copies of The Scandinavian Front during air shows.


Swedish Air Force: The Swedish Air Force, in a frenzy to find new budget cuts for their Armed Forces decided to refit a Wing of Fighters from the Gripen-C to

the Sea Gripen-C instead of upgrading them to the Gripen NG. The wing was then activated in 2014 as part of the Swedish Air Force Rapid Reaction Force where

Carrier Landings in NATO Operations may be a requirement. The wing is based at F 21 Luleå and have access to the USS Queen Elizabeth for Carrier Training for their pilots.


Brazilian Naval Avitation: The Brazilian Navy was the first nation to adopt the Aircraft for their navy, making the development of the Aircraft a requirement

for the later approval of the Gripen NG Contract. VF-1 recived the Aircraft and begun training in 2014 and declared themselves operation for duty on the A 12

Sao Paulo in early 2016, making a flyover at the Olympic Games. Brazil has scored most kills with their Gripens, shooting down dozens of Drug Smuggling Aircraft

and boats every month.


Indian Fleet Air Arm: Following the defence paper of 2011, the carrier INS Viraat was to be decomissioned in 2020. However, without the Sea Harriers, she had been

reduced to a Helicopter Carrier. Doubting both the Gripen NGs and the Rafaeles capacity to land upon her decks, the Sea Gripen-C was tested and subsequently bought 20 aircraft

with a requirement for a quick delivery. The Indian Navy has expressed interest to retain the INS Viraat for a longer period of time, satisfied with the combination.


Royal Navy: Following the near-crash-and-recovery of the F-35 Project saw the Royal Navy reducing the ammount of Aircraft to equip their Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers with.

In order to retain maximum value for the Carriers built, the F-35B entered a Fleet Defence and offensive air combat role with the Gripen-C with both low purchase and operating costs

deemed the best alternative. The 801th Naval Air Squadron with battle honours from world war II, Korea and the Falklands was reactivated to fly the aircraft, putting them in the front line

for Britannic Security Policy once again. The Royal Navy is pleased with the Aircraft and has expressed interest to upgrade to the Gripen NG in the 2020s.




Gripen-C 3D Model by Gux, updated by CadetteBra.

Sea Gripen adjustments by Ravenclaw.

Adjustments by dtmdragon

Flight Model by Column5

Avionics by Jat & Moonjumper

Skins by Team TSF, Decals by Paulopanz, Spinners & denissoliveira

Weapons by Ravenclaw

Serials by Team TSF

Fact Checking and application by Team TSF

Loadouts and .ini editing by Team TSF

Templates by Ravenclaw

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No lock-bar or arrested hook ? sounds little bit hard for carrier ops :) whatever , nice works and nice what if Gripen ;)

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No lock-bar or arrested hook ? sounds little bit hard for carrier ops :) whatever , nice works and nice what if Gripen ;)

i´m 100% sure that i put a carrier launch bar and an arrester hook on that aircraft and i made the landing gear suitable for carrier operations , if you dont have it you made something wrong

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