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The SAAB 21 was a Swedish fighter/attack aircraft from SAAB that first took to the air in 1943. It was described as a very efficient

weapons platform. It was designed as a twin boom pusher configuration, where the propeller is mounted in the rear of the fuselage,

pushing the aircraft forward.


Sweden wished to ensure its continued neutrality through a policy of armed strength during World War II but were effectively

denied access to foreign weapons. The original design studies began in 1939, based around the use of a "buried" Bristol

Taurus engine. The project remained dormant until 1941. In response to the need for air defence, and faced with the prospect

of imported designs being unavailable due to the war, Sweden undertook an indigenous rearmament programme including an

advanced fighter. The low-wing monoplane Saab 21 fighter was ultimately designed around a license-produced version of the

Daimler-Benz DB 605B engine, featured innovations such as tricycle landing gear, heavy forward-firing armament, ejector seat,

and a twin-boom pusher layout that later allowed the type to be modified with a turbojet engine.


The advantages of a pusher design, are that the view forward is unobstructed and armament can be concentrated in the nose,

while a major drawback is difficulty in escaping from the aircraft in an emergency, as the pilot could get drawn into the propeller

blades. SAAB deliberated between systems that would eject the pilot, or jettison the propeller or the engine, (via a system of

explosive bolts). and eventually installed an early ejector seat developed by Bofors for the purpose and tested in 1943.


In 1947, the aircraft was extensively redesigned with over 50% airframe, tailplane and wing changes and fitted with a de Havilland

Goblin turbojet, acquiring the new designation Saab J 21R.





There're 5 aircraft included in this pack,three propeller and two jet version,none of them have cockpit,to fly these planes

you need Stary's 3d cockpit which from here


download it first!

these coordinate of the cocpit are Recommend and please edit by your self.




Position=0.0,0.52,0.581 <---


and the template are also included which you guys easily can make your own skin.




special thanks











hope you like this mod,enjoy your flight.

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