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Sa'ar cockpits dual pack 1.1

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About This File

File version 1.1 check the changelog for more info


This is dual -two cockpits in one!- pack of slightly "what if" cockpits for IAI Sa'ar.


The cockpits are bit of "creative guesswork" Israeli updates of my SMB2 cockpit released earlier this month.


The two variants are BOTH installed in the same folder, you have two cockpit ini files so the matter of chosing the right cockpit is which one you'll point towards in SuperMystere_Saar.INI


SAAR_COCKPIT.INI -this one is basically upgraded and slightly repainted SMB2 cockpit with added RWR and some RHAW annunciators lights.


SAAR_COCKPIT_Upgraded.INI -this is slightly more advanced with slightly redesigned dashboard and it's frame (annunciators lights, moving of brakes and chute pull levers, removal of SMB2 style attention lights here and there etc) added RWR and tape-style AOA and accelerometer instruments. Currently the AOA doesn't work, blame my brainfarts.


I have addded new avionics data file that adds simple RWR (vector type, detection based on A-4F one) and 2.7NM range boresight radar for A2A ranging use.


The simpler version uses simplified gunsight from Kfir, the advanced uses one taken from Nesher to represent avionics, optics and electronics upgrades.




This pack assumes you have Saar installed in your SF2 installation -the stock Saar version prefferably but should work ok with 3rd party version (or other plane of your choice for that matter)


Unpack to SuperMystere_Saar folder, overwrite when asked.


now, by default this pack uses the CockpitDataFile=SAAR_COCKPIT.INI cockpit data, change to CockpitDataFile=SAAR_COCKPIT_UPGRADED.INI to use the other bit more advanced version.


have fun



What's New in Version 1.1


  • version 1.1
  • -updated windshield on both models to match the new version of SMB2 cockpit
  • -added small glareshield to the udated model with new lamps
  • -carried misc cockpit fixes and details here and there from SMB2 cockpit version 1.3
  • -AOA indexer now works properly
  • 1.0 initial release, AOA indexer broken

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