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  1. Until yesterday, I had never heard of these aircraft.
  2. \o/ Congratulations Mr. Mue, another Community Hero achievement for you! We all Thank you so much. \o/
  3. Great Ravenclaw_007, rest as long as necessary, my best wishes to you and your recovery.
  4. Sorry to be intruding but I had the same "problem", but knowing that the site was undergoing reformulations I waited patiently until the SF2 download area (which is the only one I usually access) was ready. I suggest you try to access that area again as it is apparently already working as it should. ^^ https://combatace.com/files/category/388-strike-fighters-2-series-by-thirdwire/
  5. 1962 F104B & C over W.Germany

    Wiki, "PhotoshopDreamTerrain" x'D
  6. C-130 Hercules Superpack

    Amazing, I can't not wait to fly in these beauties. Thank you for all the effort and dedication.
  7. RAVEN

    Excellent news to know that you are well, sir. My best wishes to you and Welcome back again.
  8. Real weights please. ^^
  9. https://youtu.be/y8YIjFKTMUk

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