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Kuril Islands 1.0

This terrain is written for SF2.


I. Short description:

This terrain covers the Kurils islands, a small group of islands which were conquered by the soviets in September 1945 from Japan. There is also a small part of the japanese island of Hokkaido.
This terrain is made for carrier ops in primary. You may fly ground based planes too. There are two small japanese airfields and 3 soviet airfields.
The soviets deployed an aray of SAM sites over the islands of Kunashir and Iturup.
To run this terrain you need SF2NA and one of these: SF2I or SF2E.



Unzip all files into your saved game folder ...ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2NorthAtlantic /terrain folder.

Because IcelandNA terrain does not include all neccessary objects to run this terrain properly you need to link it to an other terrains CAT file.

From stock the terrain is prepared to link with SF2 Israel

If you dont have SF2I you must open the file kurilen.ini with Windows notepad editor.
Look for the lines:


Add // in front of  CatFile=..\IsraelME\IsraelME.cat  to switch ot off.

Then remove // at one of the other lines. Which you should remove depends on which SF2 game you still have installed side by side with SF2 North Atlantic.

Save it.

Thats it.




III. Credits.

The TOD's, what means the trees and autogenerated houses on the map, are mostly taken from various tilesets made by Stary.
The SAM protection walls are taken from Pureblues AirfieldDevKit. They were originaly made by Sundowner.
The basic files for the taxiways, parking areas and quais are made by ErikGen.
I hope i have not forgotten someone.


IV. This Terrain is Freeware. Commercial use is not allowed.



For remarks, comments, bugs, etc please use CombatAce forum or send me a PM.

Hope you enjoy it.

Michael (Gepard)

Made in Germany
18 November 2018




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