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Korea MiG-Alley terrain 1.0.0

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Korea MiG-Alley 1.0

This terrain is written for SF2.


I. Short description:

2013, five years ago i decided to start work on a Korea terrain, especially for Korea War. As usual for me i wanted to creat a more or less 100% scaled terrain, in contrast to the 66% scales which the TerrainEditor is usually made for us. It was a slow progress work. Now, five years later, i release the first version of Korea MiG-Alley terrain.
Korea MiG-Alley terrain does not cover entire korean peninsula. It is focused on the so called MiG-Alley. The MiG-Alley was an area in north west Korea which was controlled and patroled by MiG-15 planes, which were based on airfields in China.
The chinese airbases were out of "reach" for the UN Air Forces. Out of reach meant, it was not allowed to bomb or straff this bases.
MiG-Alley terrain is made for simulating the air warfare of the Air Forces, not the Navy, during the Korea War from 1949 to 1953. The terrains timeframe is set from 1949 to 1955.
Active airfields you will find in China and in South Korea. Airfields in North Korea are in building stage, what means they cant be used by the red side. But they are targets for the blue guys.
You will find a lot of ground targets in the MiG-Alley. Bridges, factories, railway stations etc. All are heavily defended by Flak artillery. You will find some ship traffic along the west coast and some truck convois in the MiG-Alley.
There are also targets of opportunities, like fuel depots consists of fuel barrels. If you find one, bomb it!



Unzip all files into your saved game mod folder ...ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 .

To run this terrain properly you need to link it to an terrains CAT file.

From stock the terrain is prepared to link with SF2 Israel

If you dont have SF2I you must open the file KoreaMiGAlley.ini with Windows notepad editor.
Look for the lines:


Add // in front of  CatFile=..\IsraelME\IsraelME.cat  to switch ot off.

Then remove // at one of the other lines. Which you should remove depends on which SF2 game you have installed.

Save it.

Thats it.




III. Credits.

The TOD's, what means the trees and autogenerated houses on the map, are mostly taken from various tilesets made by Stary.
The dam files were made by Swambast.
The basic files for the taxiways, parking areas and quais are made by ErikGen.
I cant remember who gave me the ponton bridges, the airfield tower and the locomotive files.
Please contact me, that i can give you the proper credit.



IV. This Terrain is Freeware. Commercial use is not allowed.



For remarks, comments, bugs, etc please use CombatAce forum or send me a PM.

Hope you enjoy it.

Michael (Gepard)

Made in Germany
25 Dezember 2018




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