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F-101B VooDoo. SF.2 2019 Redux. 1.0.0

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About This File

Reworked pack of F-101B/F VooDoo.
Generally old good VooDoo in new dresses.
There are some small changes in data.ini files mostly in weapon stations section - so Backup your original file. You might not like it.
Pack contains three versions - In reality, IR sensor was applied to different airframes different block build - not really possible to cover in this game engine limits. To make it easier in this game it will be. This is mostly to cover in some right way decals I've made and units.
VooDoo '59 without IR sensor - block build 65-96.
VooDoo '65 with IR sensor  - block build - 100-120.
VooDoo '69 ANG - same as 65 - just different set of skins.  (I have an additional nation in my install: USA Air National Guard - that's why I have it as a separate model - but in this pack, it is set as USAF bird).

All new skins in 3072x3072 resolution. New bump maps and specular maps. also in 3072.. plus more than 1000 decals so the set is again huge after unpacking.
Pack contains 17 skins for Air Defense Command - all squadrons that ever used F-101B (from different time periods to cover years of usage).
and 7 skin sets for Air National Guard from different time periods. 
All new decals consisting 451 serial numbers for blocks 65-120. Plus some buzz numbers decals - not all -  as Buzzes disappeared in mid 60's.
Serial numbers cover B and F models. 

Backup your original F-101 Folders. Also Decals!

Some time ago (long ago) I started to use specific AIR-2 Genie for Voodoo - to accommodate it in weapons bay it is moded as specific stationcode=AIM4 - so to appear this Genie in a game you have to copy weapon AIR-2_Genie_101 also. Genie has new skin.

Original models ErikGen
yakarov - skins / decals / some small ini tweak 
Plane Number (airbrake decal) for 132FIS ANG from original VooDoo pack by Dave.


Have Fun.

May the VooDoo be with you.


Jarek Hereda

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You really get an idea of how beautiful this plane was when it was in service - thanks for this wonderful project.

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just curious- Yakarov do you plan to add a rear cockpit view at some point? I ask because most of your stuff has multiple cockpit views... and your methods to do that work really well and logically. This former fighter navigator would appreciate it..

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The Century series in general and the Voodoo in particular are some of the best reasons to keep flying the SF series. Nice work updating one of my all-time favorites!

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Yakarov, I just wanted to leave another message thanking you for doing these.  This is an aircraft that is woefully underappreciated as far as I'm concerned.  If you ever get the time to do the RF-101s, that'd be great!  Thanks you for  your work!

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On ‎08‎.‎01‎.‎2019 at 4:22 PM, yakarov79 said:


Long live century series. !:pilotfly:

You are absolutely Right! :good:

Btw, I have max files for another century bird… Maybe we could do something with it.... :biggrin:

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