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F-22A Raptor Add-on
October 13th, 2021 (1st Release)
by yakarov79, baffmeister, Crusader, guuruu and Menrva

>For Strike Fighters 2 games
This is a high quality add-on of the F-22A Raptor aircraft. The original model had been made by Heberth, and it was released in alpha stage.
Upon noticing room for improvement, yakarov79 helped finalize the 3d model with numerous, additional details; accurate pylons and rail launchers, new external fuel tanks, highly detailed rack and small diameter bomb 3d models, canopy and thrust-vectoring animations, high-res skin with specular and bump maps, updated cockpit model, and so on.
A realistic, well-thought flight model has been produced by our expert, baffmeister. Moreover, Crusader offered his great expertise to improve upon his previous modification for the Raptor's avionics. All their efforts have raised the quality bar of the project I had started; much credits to them all.
I further polished the package by adding historically accurate weapon loadouts, my selection of sounds (including authentic engine samples by guuruu), realistic camouflage shapes and colours, reworked decals for the actual USAF's F-22A squadrons, new cockpit textures and other tweaks here and there. Each squadron has got historically correct serial numbers, and they appear in chronological order in the loadout screen; the serial numbers at the bottom of the list are those of aircraft that joined that squadron for last, while the serials at the beginning of the list indicate those aircraft that were available to that squadron for first.
Like you would expect in an opera omnia, I even reproduced three unique paint schemes of real Raptors; the air superiority camouflage of the EMD 91-4001 Prototype of September 1997, the temporary "Blue Nose" decoration of the "Cripes A'Mighty" Raptor assigned to the 149th Fighter Squadron in April 2010, and a generic Mid-Production livery sporting the markings of the last Raptor ever produced that flew for the first time in March 2012.
Templates by yakarov79, tweaked by yours truly, are included for your skinning fantasies.

-The cockpit is not yet accurate, as various details couldn't be reworked due to RL and time constraints. We were working on a brand new cockpit with accurate HUD and displays. Slimers with correct illumination were also planned. Hopefully they will be a thing in a future re-release.
-The aircraft folder is named "F-22A", just like the one included in a number of mod packages which use an old 3d model by Dels. In order to avoid mismatches and bugs of any sort, it's highly suggested to either remove or rename the aircraft folder using Dels' Raptor 3d model.
-GPS guidance bombs (EOGB) do not work as intended in SF2, there are issues about them not locking on target and about AI behaviour. The GBU-39 has been set as an EOGR, so it works like a missile; this is a needed workaround to have them loaded properly on a rack while keeping the GPS guidance property.
-You need to tweak the SoundList.ini file in order to fully experience any new sounds. Read "(Add to SoundList)" for further details, and remember to extract the SoundList.ini file from the FlightData.cat archive, if you do not have a custom one in your mod folder already.

>Credits (in no particular order):
-Heberth, for making this (once forgotten) fantastic 3d model.
-Julhelm, for sharing the files of his superb F-22A cockpit 3d model, allowing yakarov79 to improve upon it.
-yakarov79, for his invaluable help in finalizing the 3d model and remaking the base textures; you have my gratitude.
-baffmeister, for his excellent flight model; it's thanks to him if this beauty flies as good as it looks.
-Crusader, for reworking the avionics enhancement made for Julhelm's F-22A cockpit, and for improving the AIM missiles.
-guuruu, for sharing his RWR symbols improvement mod and for making better engine sounds.
-ravenclaw_007, for the AIM missiles from his top notch Weapons Pack 2, the GBU-32 JDAM bomb and the ACES II seat 3d models.
-viper63a, for his old F-22A USAF Raptors Redux package, from which I borrowed decals.
-simonmiller416, for his smokeless rocket effects mod.
-mue, for his LOD Viewer which helped immensely in the making of the skins.
-Cocas, for further help given to Heberth for the aircraft's 3d model.
-My girlfriend, for supporting me in all of my endeavours.

Additional ReadMe files by yakarov79 and baffmeister have been included among few others; be sure to read those to know about their work in better detail.

This is a freeware; yet it can be redistributed ONLY in other CombatACE mods/mod packages.
This mod may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions.

What's New in Version 1.2


  • Added MovementX and MovementZ data to the cockpit to allow XY slewing for TrackIR users.
  • Standardized HUD and gunsight color values for the cockpit.
  • Removed specific station codes from weapons, allowing end-users to choose other weapons with more freedom.
  • Updated data for some weapons and added required effects files including new ones by simonmiller416.
  • Restored GPS guided bombs as EOGB, except for the GBU-39 now being EOGR for use on a TLR rack.
  • Updated sound files by using the latest made by guuruu.
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beautiful model. thanks!

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Châpeau !!! :hi:

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· Edited by crisisloaner

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A beautiful model with great skins.I have 3 questions though,is the RCS enhancer a permanent fixture ? and why do the inner pylons and rails show up even when there is nothing loaded on them ? I am unable to load the Aim-9X and it doesn't appear even when in set loadout/year ? Still a most welcome replacement for the original raptor ! :clapping:

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I got this in order to have the permanent external weapon racks removed, and they have been.

I noted that in one of the readmes, it says that it was decided to drop weapon count from the HUD because it wasn't functioning well enough. I'd like to know what the problem is, because I've added a weapon counter using the standard entry, and so far it's not been problematic.

I would have preferred a wider range of weapons. I realise that this model strives for accuracy, but you can't go up against Russian aircraft in Germany or those brilliant Phantoms in Iraq and expect to survive. You need Aim-120C4s at least, because air to air stealth is not modelled, and the only thing that gets you from being creamed is having longer-range missiles than the bad guys.


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Love it!


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