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2 Cobra pilots died yesterday...

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they lost their tail rotor and dropped to the ground

fire from the crash caused to a blast and secondaries due the ammo onboard...

happened near Giniger kibbutz in the Yizrael valley


may they RIP.


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just saw tonight in the news, 1 of the pilots

Major Shay Denor was a father of 5, age 35... really sad thing :(


for some reason there is no info about the second pilot, i guess it's classified..

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Time to retire those birds. Lost 2 people from my unit during a test flight. The E-4 was a member of maintenance platoon onboard for a joyride. His wife was pregnant with their first child. Damn shame.


Top of the list...last active army deaths in the AH-1




real damn shame... my deepest sympathies man!

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