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Close encounter over the Med

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We were on the last days of a cruise, when we received word that a Russkie carrier, the Kiev was operating nearby. For over twenty years, the Russkies had been staging flybys of our carriers, now it was our turn.


Outbound from the Indy....recieved a vector from the hummer...seems that the Russkies weren't cooperating, and operating under ECOM.




We let down below the overcast at the coords given to us by the hummer, and lo and behold, there she was, the Kiev, and one of her escorts...




She may have appeared a bit unconventional by western standards, but she still had nice, solid lines...and was bristling with guns and missile launchers...




It was right about about then that we noticed that weren't not alone....




Seems that they'd sent up a pair of Yak-38 Forgers to meet us...




We made one more orbit over the fleet, took the obligatory pictures, and then bid our "escorts" adieu..



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