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Happy birthday to Rambler 1-1

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the kid is 17...

good luck man, have a great one good.gif


if i'm not mistaken that was about the same age i registerd to BioHaz grin.gif

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Thanks guys, I kinda forgot about my birthday myself, so man was it a surprise to see this topic...


I got so spend weekend doing RCAC gliding and soaring ops out of an airport a couple hours south of here, and boy was it a great way to spend a birthday. Got to sleep in the hangar (which had a very well-stocked fridge, btw), then up at O'-dark-thirty for the briefing the next day. I was only on ground ops, so I did some tow cable splicing and pre-flighted a couple SGS 2-33s, then one of the lieutenants took me up in the L-19 glider tug to check out the winds aloft. Man, I love that plane!


Sadly, the gliding was scrubbed due to gusting winds, so we spent the day having various lectures from the LCO, which was still pretty fun. As a bonus, my dad let me drive the jeep down there and back, so I got to make use of my new solo driver's license!


Anyways, that's enough rambling. Thanks again, guys.

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