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Rate the signature above your post

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Ive seen this on other forums. So i take no credit for the idea itself.

Some people enjoy playing around with photoshop like i do and making silly signature pictures. Why not rate them for each other??


Ok, these are the rules.

§ 1. You are not allowed to rate your own signature, ex dubbel posting to rate on your self.

§ 2. Once you get rated you are not allowed to post again until you change your signature. Once you change your signature post the change along with a pic of your previouse sign in your next post so we all know that you have changed. (thank you serverandenforcer for finding the loop hole in the rule)

§ 3. The scale of rating is between 0-10 where 10 is "AWESOME" and 0 is "God damn thats ugly!"


Happy rating!

Edit: Criticism is allowed. So fire away with the guns! Just makes it more fun :drinks:

Edited by xclusiv8

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6... image of the tomcat is kind of blurry


I would like to bring up something about rule number 2... once you change your sig, all of your previous comments will have the new sig... so unless we are all paying special attention to everybody's sig, nobody is going to know if your new sig is new and think that you are double posting. This could draw up some "competitive and dramatic posting" by some members who might get a little too involved about this. So how about this then... if you're going to change your sig, post your previous sig as a picture on your next posting so we all know what it was before. Helps to make things less confusing.

Edited by serverandenforcer

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"You don´t kill the enemy flying circles around his plane. You kill him filling his cockpit with lead."


Spoken like a true gunfighter!!! It's good, very good!

I prefer the gunning to any missile, IRM or BVR. Give it a good portion of lead

when you're closer than 0.5 mile, and you can really enjoy a kill!

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Erik's sig certainly is a 10... It has everything; who he is, what he's about and a flaming F-18... :cool: Comprehensive yet elegantly simple... (His status as site owner has absolutely nothing to do with this rating...)

Edited by Major Lee

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