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Mirage IIIE for SF2

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Mirage IIIE for SF2

This is an upgrade of the Mirage Factory Mirage IIIE.


Original skins have been reworked and new ones have been created, following squadrons are included :


EC 1/2 Cigognes (camo)

EC 3/2 Alsace (camo)

EC 1/3 Navarre (camo)

EC 2/3 Champagne (camo)

EC 3/3 Ardennes (camo)

EC 1/4 Dauphiné (Silver)

EC 2/4 Lafayette (camo)

EC 1/13 Artois (silver)

EC 2/13 Alpes (silver).


Installation : launch the self installing program


Credits :


Aircraft, original skins, decals for the EC 3/3 ; 2/4 et 1/13, pilot, seat and weapons by the Mirage Factory

Templates by PGC.


And a big thank you to those on C6 and Combatace forums who helped me solve all issues I encountered.


Be assured if I forgot somebody it's a mistake, let me know and I'll adapt asap.


This addon may be used or further modded according to the Combatace "rules" but in all cases it is and has to remain free.






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I have a problem : I cannot see decals on Dauphine and Cigogne camo

Thank you in advance




Decals are there in the "Decals" folder?


Coupi. :salute:

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I solved it :

in the ini file : deleted all the references to the "Texturesets" entries, they are then correctly updated by the software ...

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