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F-20A Tigershark, Skin, Decals and Ini Tweeks Pak

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F-20A Tigershark, Skin, Decals and Ini Tweeks Pak

F-20 Tigershark Skin, Cockpit, and Ini UPgrades Pak for SF2

=For SF2, Any and All (but Full-4 Merged Prefered/Reccomended*)


*Note: due to some stock decals used, USAF & RAF, at minimum, you need SF2:E*


A bunch of new skins for Veltro2K's recently released Northrup F-20 "Tigershark". This pak will also includes some cockpit and many ini tweeks. This pak is designed to be installed OVER your existing F-20, with several caveats ... so it's important you read the install instruction =BEFORE= applying this pak. As this is an Reskin/Ini Pak, the aircraft lods are not included. A new cockpit, however, is.


This mod represents Production variants, had they been made, for the USAF and other Allied Nations. The export customers are based upon those identified by Nothrup as "Tier 1" customers (ie: users with F-5 experience).

A new Userlist is supplied, for those wanted to create/redecal some of the existing skins for those shown in the user list, but not provided here. A new, Generic Hangar screen is included.


11 skin/decal sets are included in this pak. The name in paranthesis (name) designates the skin folder name. The skins are:


Football City AF (from "The Wingman" book series) (FBCAF)

JASDF,1 Hikotai, in overall Martime blue (JASDF)

ROCAF, 2-tone F-15/16 style grays (ROCAF)

RSAF, in a solid 'Air Superiority' gray (RSAF)

RNZAF, #75 Squadron 'King Kahu', in overall green (RNZAF)

RAF, #92 Squadron, overall gray (RAF)

57th FW, Nellis AFB (Nellis)

152nd FS, 162nd FW, AZANG, in a dark F-16-style gray (AZ)

10th TFS Hahn Germany, in 2-tone F-15 style 'Compass Ghost' grays (Gray2)

"Generic" Dark Air Superiority gray (Gray)

"2 Tone BlueGrays", a repaint/rename of the original release skin (2Tone)


These last 2 listed have "Generic" nation callout, and can be rebadged/decaled/reused for the creation of other user-nations of the aircraft; either through selection via the Single Mission/Loadout screen, or via creating entiely new skins. One of the massive advantages of not painting on markings... :grin:

All markings on all skins =ARE= decals, making is quite easy to create said other user nations. A great number of new decals were created for this mod, and many borrowed from other skins. A full listing of those are in the Credits section.

New damage textures in DDS format are also included.


My Home-Grown Templates ™ are included, for those wishing to create new skins, and/or improve on my basic design (yeah, it could use it! LOL! -cough- RAF Euro camo -cough- various SEA 3-toned -cough-)


No weapon are included; they are either stock, from pre-existing mods and/or reference those from the GunnyPak. The drop tanks from the original release are NOT included (as they're kinda sorta stock, too)

The cockpit included herein more than likely has more funcionality than would have been in the production aircraft. The avionics ini also makes use of dtmdragon's complied RWR tweeks/expansion pak ... if you don't have it, you should! Sounds are also not included,

as those from the F-16 paks are referenced here.


As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them!! The usual "Notes" section for other interestering details and stuff, explinations, and general musings and things. That section needs to be read, as it explains/offers alternatives as to WHY some of the nation-specific loadouts are NOT

working as they should


It is vitaly !!!IMPORTANT!!! that you read this document throughly before installing ...as you will be deleting, renaming and/or moving several files and folders to make full and correct use of this Pak. So, unzip it first to a temp folder or your desktop, or anywhere that allows ease of access to it.



Good Hunting!!


kevin stein


with special thanks to Veltro2k for bringing us the much wanted bird!


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I am so appreciative of you folks with talent.


Veltro and Wrench team up to produce this excellent flying art! VW has a ring to it, yeah? :grin:


Many thanks for the hard work, Kevin, they seriously put my feeble attempts to shame...



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To Veltro2k and Wrench, :salute:


Very funny Mod with F-20B...


Many many thanks!!! :clapping::clapping::clapping:


Coupi :bye:

Edited by Coupi

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Hey Kevin, you reference the "compiled RWR tweak/expansion" by drmtdragon. I've looked all over for it, but can't find any reference on CombatACE or the internet to such a package. Can you give me a point in the right direction?

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Where i can get the original files? Looks like Veltro2k have deleted the files and left the community because of someone who claiming his work....this.gif

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