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Sea Harrier FRS.2


Sea Harrier FRS.2 for SF2 V1.1



This update by Wrench, DTMDragon and myself brings the SF1 Sea Harrier FRS.2 upto SF2 standards. This has been designed to work on everything from any of the Stock Games (May '12 patched) including SF2:NA to a fully Modded install with NATO Fighters IV etc. The new weapons are standalone and will not affect other weapons packs, however you may see other weapons from your pack are available. Please use the ones labelled "Royal Navy (WEAPONS NAME)" (they're all grouped together for ease of use) as these have all been designed and/or modified for this Sea Harrier release specifically, even though the Weapons may seem to be identical to ones you already have.





Unzip then copy and paste these folders into your Mod folder (usually C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 or whatever yours is called).






Aircraft Specific Info -



Sea Harrier FRS.2 (1993-2006) - Used by the Royal Navy primarily for Fleet defence although it does have a useful, if limited, Strike/Anti-Ship capability. With it's immense power to weight ratio it accelerates/decelerates like a sports car and is 9G capable with a sustained 7G turn possible. Sadly the lack of money meant that the weapons loadout was fairly limited yet, for it's primary task, the Blue Vixen radar mated to the AMRAAM system proved to be world class.






Loadout Screen -



If you want to add the 2 Belly AMRAAM's (Group 5) in place of the gun pods (Group 4) then you also have to add the Belly Pylons which are also in Group 4 and they will replace the Gun Pods.



Issues & Optional Files -



Refuel Probe - Sadly this was never skinned in the original model and with the new high resolution skins we now have it looked truly terrible and just didn't work so we've removed it until such time as a new one can be made and added via Fake-Pilot.


Optional Files - 2 different Hanger/Loading Screens, just copy/paste them into the aircraft folder.



*******If you find any issues or find that I've got something wrong please contact me on CombatAce - http://combatace.com/user/64030-ianh755/ *******************



Change Log



V1.0 - Initial Release

V1.1 - Data.ini edited to allow Carrier Take Offs






This update was a collaboration between the following and my thanks for all their hard work and efforts go to them entirely -


"GUEST" - Original SF1 release with Automatic Nozzles.


DTMDragon - Various Ini Edits, Gun Pods/Belly Pylons & Manual Nozzles.


Wrench - Various Ini Edits & Hangar/Loading Screens.


ChrisBV - SKin and Decals.


AmokFloo & AleDucat - Pilot and Seat.


Monty CZ, Kesselbrut & VolksJager - Original FRS.1 Cockpit.


Ravenclaw007 - Once again for his fantastic weapons.


IanH (me!) - Weapons Pack, Loadouts & Various Ini Edits.



Have fun and thanks for Downloading.............................................IanH



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Super! Many many thanks... :good:



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Ian really did a great job, in picking up my slack ... he and Dan deserve all the credit

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Been looking forward to this, was half way through a (far less ambitious) conversion when I heard you were taking care of it :drinks:



Having a bit of trouble taking off though, I get half way down the Invincibles deck when the nose pitches up violently before I'm ejected sideways off the ship :blink:





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Craig - Thanks for the feedback, I've just found something wacky in the Stabilizer section of the data.ini, I've already ironed it out but I just need to finesse it a bit 1st as I've only just discovered it.


The update should be up later tonight or Sunday morning, until then I'd say carriers are a bit dangerous! :rofl:




Problem now sorted - Pack Now Updated!


If you already have the pack and just want the fix then here it is -


1st DO NOT USE the Automatic Nozzles data.ini - it causes too many problems taking off.


2nd Unzip this file and put it into your FRS.2 Folder and allow it to overwrite. - http://www.ianhenshall.com/sf2/frs2update.rar


Thanks for being patient!

Edited by ianh755

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I'm still having issues launching off Invincible. Even with the new .INI file I still am having pitching up issues about half way down the deck. I've taken to hitting autopilot right after break-release and it works. Anything else I could try?

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