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Vulcan B2

This is the hard to get Vulcan that was exclusive to the A-Team website ,unless you were deemed suitable eventually to download after being screened .


This model is developed from MY sorce file by Capun,as I did majority of the work..(model was basically complete,except mapping etc and a few bits n pieces.


Anyone who wants it will get it as its basically my model anyways...


This model wouldnt have been sent if I had known the route to getting it was to be so difficult.

I make models for free and so it shall be with this one.


you will need the Vulcan package hosted here at combatace and ive included modified ini to reflect the LOD supplied.

get the VulcanB2 pack by paulopanz here...http://combatace.com/files/file/12467-avro-vulcan-b2/


3d source file by me

Further work by capun.



I may point out it was MY source file,and if I wanted to be a Bastard I could pull the permission and say remake it 100% from scratch,not using ANYTHING that contains any part of the 3dmodel I sent.


anyways enjoy.


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Guess where my second sig quote comes from......


This is tremendous. One of my all time favorite planes and always a treat to see at my local aviation museum. I also had the priviledge of seeing one of these bad boys fly back when they had one based at Offutt AFB.


Your talent and generousity is very much appreciated.

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your welcome...a\c in picture 588 ive seen in airshows twice here in uk,,,,years ago at RAF St Athans before they closed it...and when she was given airworthyness certificate and flew again for all to see...awesome a\c bomber?...nope its a flaming fighter ...it rolls like nobodys business..lol

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