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Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a preview of my newest project:



(Sorry about the video quality, but i did my best)


Special thanks to:

Original Raptor team( Dels, Dave, Jimmybib, JAT, Moonjumper, Starfighter, Fast Cargo, Stary, Klavs8)

and my Friends: Enoc, Julhelm, Cocas, Ravenclaw_007, 76.IAP.Blackbird and Silverbolt (If i forgot someone, sorry, PM me and i'll give proper credit)

Hope you like it!

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i see the FF tailcode. will you have Alaska, Holloman and Tyndall based Raptors too?

still verrry nice!


I'll use the same decals from the Original Raptor, and in the future, maybe, i can make all the others squadrons. (But for now, the standart Squadron is the 27th Fighter Squadron)

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I saw the Raptor at the day prior to AvNation 2012 and while I still think it's fugly, it can hustle, sold me on it's capabilities...

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