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Bump Mapping help with Nvidia Photoshop Plugin?

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Hi all, just a quick question regarding bump maps. I'm using the Nvidia PS plug-in and PS CS3 and need help with the following -


For a bump map to work does the 3d model require anything added to it in the LOD or can I bump map any skin I have a template for as long as I add the bump map as "name of skin"_Normal.bmp in the A/C folder? I've done a test on the FRS1 skins and it doesn't seem to show up in-game.



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In 3ds Max, the material editor where you assign the texture must have the bump map activated and then the file selected, so the filename is used. Only when then the LOD is exported it is used by the game engine... :dntknw:

Without this the LOD just doesn´t read any bump map files, sorry...

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I found the Checkbox in Max, I know that a .dds will use the normal texture. Will a .jpg?

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Thanks for the answer guys, I knew it sounded too easy :grin:


***EDIT*** - Cheers Russo! I've sorted the Nose leg issue with some ridiculous Nose Gear ini edits too.


***EDIT No2*** - Here's a crazy thought, can you add bump maps to the damage.dds or is it just the skin???

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Ohhh didn't know that I thought engine does damage maps...well if that's the case then those can indeed be bumped...

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