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ok, where did the YB-40s come from???

Boeing factory ?...ha 

r`qd screen oops just realised not ww2...ah well its from area51 time travel experiment :)


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Recon mission over the Port of Doverimg00442.thumb.JPG.be0ae26785947ba49b5cb40211516aaf.JPG

The Flak fire was heavy.

Suddenly my fighter escorts cried for help. They were ambushed by  countless enemy fighters.


Spitfires and Hurricanes. A lot of them.


The Messerschmitts fought for their live.


I decided to engage the enemy, to show them how superb a He-100D4 is.

Kill one:


Splash two:


At the end of the day my wingman and i shot down 17 Tommy fighters.

What a wonderfull day!

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Hunters.....Bf110-C on hunt.....

Took me ages to figure why the engines wouldnt work....tried allsorts...I had forgotten to add fuel...lolz...NOOOOOOOB...

got a few minor bugs to sort...actually in game the model is perfect....only thing was wrong apart from the fuel is wheel on port rotates wrong way...wing end on stbd need mapping adjusted a tad...and weaps sorted...










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Some more Chinese fighters, the Curtiss Hawk II and Hawk III:


Curtiss Hawk II_China.JPG


Curtiss Hawk III_China2.JPG

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