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I was inspired by the AGS on WhiteBoySamurai's Zumwalt class destroyer to see if I could get ships to hit other ships at range.


As a result over the past few weeks I have put together a collection of modified ship and gun data files.


I was wondering if anyone would be willing to test them and give me some objective feedback?  

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You can send it my way.


I have my reservations about a mod like this, though, since it may have adverse effects (i.e. guns not behaving as they should for anti-air work, or when the game calculates damage from momentum), and it would require re-packaging and re-uploading every single ship model. 

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I will shoot it your way. It is still experimental right now. If I get it properly adjusted such that it could become a mod I was thinking about making it a separate add-on gun and data file pack that people could optionally install.

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Karl I have it haven't been able to do much lately,  game wise tho I'll try to run it up tonight n see what conspires, I already have a mission set up NC/Iowa going at 2 Kongo's in a running  battle NC always fell short I don't think it will now :-)

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Colmack, I just added you to the conversation with WBS. Just download the attachment, It includes updated files for the NC.

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I decided I should thorough this open to everyone. As such I am attaching a file with gun and ship data files plus some effects, sound files, and test missions I used.


The test missions should be configured using only stock SF2 all merged ships and aircraft. Targets and test ships are named as such. Please run your own test however. 


In the North Carolina Class folder you will find two different data files. In "North Carolina Class_DATA - Modified - 7" the main guns are not data linked, in the second file "North Carolina Class_DATA - Modified - 8" the 16inch gunners are data linked into the same network. Would you please test both of them in the same missions and note if you see any difference in the behavior of the 16 inch gun turrets between them.


I have found that in many cases it seems like muzzle velocities in the 1000 m/s range and a projectile caliber one tenth that of the real gun seem to work best for surface to surface gun fire. Maybe I we can determine what the actual ratios of difference are between game world and real world a formula could be created that would allow more accurate fine-tuning of guns.


All of the guns I have included are experimental mods and variants and are open to modification and balancing adjustments. They are just what I have working at the moment.


Note: Most of these guns are Time Fused for Dual Purpose work and so have adjusted warhead weights for flak effectiveness. If anyone want all gun configured for ground use only let me know I will provide them.    


To anyone who takes a look at this, please don't just grab the file. I would appreciate it if you would look over, test, and give me your feedback.


Long Range Gun Test.7z

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