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Any Americans and Canadians on this site?

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Well this is an American based website.


And yes, I proudly declare I am an American.

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Are there any Yanks on this site?? AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


I mean yes. There are a couple. :tongue:

yea, one or two of us......

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I would like to thank your countries and your servicemen for helping us out once again as my own Government has left my country wide open to incursions from foreign Submarines. And as a former submariner in the Royal Navy I know just how vital it is to have a Maritime Deterrent in the air.


These guys flew thousands of miles on round the clock sortiess to hunt for an invisible enemy lurking in the waters off the coast of Scotland, I work  at RAF Lossiemouth where they where based during their deployment but I never got the chance to thank them personally.


Thank you once again, we are lucky as a nation to have such great friends.

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Thanks! What did we find?


It turns out, the Swedish photo of the recent PSO (Partially Submerged Object), when blown up, revealed Putin swimming bare chested in Swedish waters.

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