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I try to increase ground object visual distance but get stuck. Fail to find answer in searched topics. So start topic here.



What i want to do is making the carrier and destoryer model can be seen in far distance, like 20km or more. After modifing the dis to 20000 it seems be as it default. The ships can be seen in 12KM (6.6NM).  Here is my modify, I dont kown where is wrong.



In KASHIN_DATA.ini  ( the destoryer )



VisualRange=25000.0                   <-------------   i increase this value, seems in unit of M
MaxVisibleDistance=40000.0         <-------------   i increase this value, seems in unit of M



In Kashin.ini



Distance=20000                             <-------------   i increase this value


MaxVisibleDistance=20000             <-------------   i increase this value




As a result of that, I can target the ship in 40km by increasing MaxVisibleDistance in KASHIN_DATA.ini, but no model appear at this distance.



No matter how far i modified in LOD distance, it seems have no effect. I still have to close to 6nm to see the model. In such distance, the ship figure appear suddenly.

I am pretty sure I have set the game option.


How can I make them be seen in 10nm ?



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You need to adjust these as well, from the Kashin.ini.

These will take precedence over anything in the data ini














and yes, EVERYTHING in these games is metric (meters, mps, etc)

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For aircraft objects the maximum drawing distance is limited to 6.7 nm. See here: http://combatace.com/topic/82507-some-tests-regarding-aircraft-drawing-distances/

I don't know if ships fall into this category.


But for target objects the maximum drawing distance can be increased. You have to change "MaxVisibleDist" in <terrain>_types.ini and (LOD) "Distance" in <targetobject>.ini . See here: http://combatace.com/topic/81464-increasing-the-view-distance-of-target-objects/

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