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Hi all,


Does anyone have templates for Florian's beta P-3C?  I've started to make my own from the default .jpg textures via GIMP, but I thought I'd ask to see if there was an existing template.





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I once started one. Still missing weathering and stuff. Maybe useful for you as timesaver.

Cheers and thank you very much.   I'm working on a 1980's low-viz Tactical Paint Scheme skin.  If anyone has any pictures, those would be greatly appreciated.   So far I've only found this one.


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So I've also found this operational picture.  However, this only depicts a single-color overall paint scheme.  I'm thinking of making two versions, one with the monocolor scheme and another with a three-color scheme reminiscent of the PB4Y-2 but using TPS colors and markings.  Any input?


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My Son said they are all Gray except for one he saw that was white on top gray on bottom.

10-4.  That's what I'll go with then.  I'm working on the decals first, I may have a few other questions along the way.  I'm planning on sticking with VP-56, since they fit in Dhimar, North Atlantic, Europe, and eburger68's Crisis in the Med add-on campaign.

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