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So let me get this straight..... (more about TW/CA BUFFS)

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so im looking at the D and F model B-52s tonight, looking for an AGM-28 Hound Dog pylon.

i d/l gbreuders gen1 mods for the D and F, as well as Vietnam A&G expansion packs for gen 2. gbreuders solution was MERs in space

i go through 331KBs weapons packs

NOBODY made an AGM-28 pylon in all these years!!!!!!!!!!!!

it may not matter, due to the pylon built into the G model, but several of the Gs flew with external bombs hanging off the Hound Dog/I beam/ two MER lash up first created for Vietnam. its hard to try to work something in that you cant find.

so am i crazy, lazy or did we not make one in all this time?

for reference: what it was


what we have


if we dont have it, yes Im requesting it modelers. i will adjust the data.ini for more weapons stations and roughly port in gbreuders solultion (making the pylon a gunpod or something inbetween). Im just shocked if in fact no one ever made one. this would be good for ODS AND Vietnam (and everything fictional in between)

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added screenshot to show what we got
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Spillone104 is working on one, it has just been on the back burner.


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Daddy sorry for hijacking your post, but will this B-52 be flyable? Last time I tried to fly a Buff my wingmen fly constantly up and down. If yes, are you providing a "bombsight" so we can level bomb?

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sorry for hijacking your topic...but remind me these pylons once I will get to 'pylons stage' 



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Guys, sorry if my question is a bit off-topic, but I thing it´s not that much. Is there a way to make the exhaust smoke works when the plane start the take-off? For me it works only when leaving the runway.

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wow ya go away for a day:lol:

@KJakker i didnt know he was still active. looks good, will pm him. only thing noticed off is the original RL mod to attach the bombs was a literal steel I Beam that the pair of MERS was attached to.

@Stratos the D and F i will likely port over gbreuders work from gen 1 to 2, also based on whats available in Vietnam A&G upgrades. iirc he does have a sight with it.

@yakarov79 quit reading my mind!!:lol: are you working a G model as well? (primary difference was the j57 instead of the TF33s on the H and the 20mm cannon in place of the G quad 50 cals). keep us updated on progress and I'll remind you of your three options of pylon to go with

@Wilches on the G i currently have a modified J57 exhaust that lingers behind the aircraft for about 15-20 seconds. it is keyed as an afterburner effect set to kick in at 97% for takeoff. it is VERY visible once engaged, and i have a few posts in the Screenshot and WIP threads. i also have the effect on the released tankers (A model being J57s too). are you talking about the D and F models or just BUFFs in general?

this is back burner at the moment but very closely watched. as you all know my main bit is decalling and historical accuracy, with some ini editing to boot. my main thought is to adjust gbreuders existing work with bomb and MER placement (see screenie in original post) and stick a pylon in the middle. BUT on further research this was available on the HSAB as well

i'm going  to get refocused on the original scope and get the initial decal work done (actually 75% there) and at least the first couple of prov, wings done before ini dancing parts around. the G model data ini is gonna have a pretty damn long weapons section

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