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I owe you an apology

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I apologize to you Jonathan. I jumped to conclusions.

I downloaded your mod(the 39C and 39D model pack, if not mistaken) which could be an early release. I saw the engine instrumentation and the ADI(on the MFD) and also some HUD symbology looked different from the things I have in my mind. I'm not aware there's is an updated version in your Scandinavian Front Mod...

I didn't think of myself being offensive. I am Sorry.


I apologize to you Kevin. You have been kind and friendly. I remembered you shared with me about the easter egg things in the Kamchatka terrain mod. I enjoyed these mods and their efforts. Indeed I am very sorry.


I apologize to you daddyairplanes(didn't have opportunity to know your name). I know you wanted to see if I have any relevant skills needed. I am very sorry.



I owe you two an apology too. I am sorry Jerek and Ravenclaw_007. I put you on the stage and that leads to unnecessary comparison between you and other modders. That's totally unwanted. I am sorry.



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Although I was not part of the earlier discussion(s), I can always appreciate someone who is willing to admit his wrong(s) and apologise for it.


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From what I've seen, you didn't do anything that is so offensive, unless I missed something. I've seen people do worse things here, without even bothering to owe an apology. So, kudos to you, don't worry... and welcome!

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um, what did i miss?

not sure what happened to need an apology, the one post i made on one of your threads was just to point out a fact that isnt actually apparent to all. you seemed to have picked up on it, so no worries.


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