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Yeah know one in game but I think this ones better...

lots to do....as im dabbling again,its one im finishing now.....but hold on to your hats,its being done as and when.

Lots to do...

Already done.

Animated gears ,bomb doors....took an age as they were down in original 3ds model,and as anyone who uses 3ds max knows

most 3ds models have a lot of errors,most of the meshes had seperate polygons...took ages to weld.,

added spec mapping,sorted out jpegs of painted on numbers etc,


to do....here we go lol

redo tail fins  ...slightly too thick at base and need proper mechanism...

tail chute and housing

new wings as these are just damaged versions,or rather are split like them..

refuel probe

weapon stations

might try redo a template

intakes need looking at,...dirt ingress-louvre doors to make

engine fans need replacing

canards are way too thick and clunky-remake

then reposition all the pivot points for the control surfaces..

so you see quite a list.....

would say two weeks but thats being very conservative lol...

it will be when its done...ok thanks



BTW this one will be hi def\res unlike the other one :)










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THANK YOU, this definitely will go into the Nihon Hitori 2020 campaign at either v1 or 1.X stage, plus the 2.0 stage!

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That is what I'd call an excellent job. :good:

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Wow! Absolutly stunning, seems we need a bunch of the 27 family to be done too .. damn 

This year is one of the greatest for Sf2

Tornado GR family from Guru
Mirage 4K from Logan
Meteors from Jarek
J-7 Series from Russo
realSkye from Menrva
all the updates to the released models and chopers from Jarek
And many more mods i can't list them all.. But thanks to all the moders

I am amazed how much effort and energy is put into this game!

Thanks Guys!

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