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A change of pace from the usual Sukhoi screenshots - the Sukhoi Su-2 in action against a German column in June 1941:




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7 hours ago, allenjb42 said:

[Pics of Kuznetov & Su-33s at sea]

^THIS^ desperately needs to be in SF2.... thank you.  Also can you plz do a Chinese version?

With that, here's some Pacific Sukhoi Su-30SM beauty photos:






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I've decided to remake my first two missions in Nihon Hitori 2020 as having Su-30SMs lob long-range anti-ship missiles isn't the best cue for starting a skirmish.  So I came up with something else instead within the limits of SF2's ai engine... that sadly lacks an air policing/NORAD mode.  This is the first new mission and doesn't show everything involved:




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