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  1. Election Time in the Emerald Isle....

    I hope it is contagious.
  2. Subscription

    I was out having a pint or four but it has now been looked after. Thank you.
  3. I'm sorry but I don't understand what you wrote. Can you try again? Thanks.
  4. The errors you're seeing are there especially in the multi-part file. It's just compressed weird with all files being required to have been downloaded before you unzip part one. Not to mention that there's a .jpg in one of the files that corrupt. Regardless if you use an updated version of 7zip you still should be able to use the files as they are. I do agree that file should be cleaned up. Maybe Yakarov could fix it. Can someone who knows him give him the ask? Downloading at any speed shouldn't be an issue. File transfers happen in a checksum method.
  5. I feel a need, a need for

    When the juice is worth the squeeze.
  6. EAW Devs

    All due respect but we've leaned out over a tangent so far away from my original questions that I'm confused. I appreciate your time and will just go away quietly. Carry on.
  7. EAW Devs

    Shoe cobbler wants shoes and when he asks his patrons where's a good place I can get me shoes, they send him elsewhere. There's some irony in that I suppose.
  8. EAW Devs

    I noticed the download EAW download section is fairly vacant. Is there something we could be doing better here at CA to help EAW develop a more robust file library here? I'm also wondering who is/are the developer(s) for EAW? There are some account level perks that come along with the position, site-wise, and the position is still vacant. Cheers, E
  9. Spring is time for backups

    Storage is cheap these days. What you buy depends on the form factor you want, disk or thumb drive. You can get name brand thumb drives for $100 US per 512GB and flash drives are a little cheaper with a bigger form factor. Remember backups aren't fail proof, you need a disaster recovery plan. If you back everything up on flash drives then your house burns down your plan fails. If however those same flash drives were in a bank safety deposit box you'd have a more robust disaster plan. Tweek you disaster plan to your comfort level of loss. IOW if you're backing up crap and the house burns down who cares, but if you're backing up bank, tax, medical records, etc you might want to think your disaster plan through.
  10. Spring cleaning and backups go hand in hand during this time of year. While you're out doing the honey-do list or figuring out where you put the vacuum after you used it last year, your machine could be making backups of all your important documents and files. Disaster recovery is real and a backup may save your sanity. Happy duplicating.
  11. Contact Razbam on Facebook. We can't help with third party payware. Thank you.
  12. The Fokker D VIIF was delivered so close to the end of the war that's also an easily overlooked aircraft, as noteworthy as it is. I wonder how many actually made to the flight line that made some sort of difference?
  13. I forgot about the S.E.5 made right in the middle of the war by the Brits.
  14. This is a hypothetical question but I'm curious about your opinions. All things being equal you are an experienced aviator who's flown all the aircraft listed below, all the aircraft were available to you, and you found yourself thrust into WWI at the young age of 19. Which aircraft and version (produced between Jul 28, 1914 – Nov 11, 1918) would you chose / want to fly and why? Bristol Type 22 Sopwith Camel Fokker Eindecker Siemens Schuckert

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