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  1. Having the British Empires single greatest contribution to the world with my wife...afternoon tea....

    1. Stary


      don't forget to put on your red coat :P

  2. Well now, isn't that special?

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    2. daddyairplanes


      i see a little shade of red in your grin there. you know who else grins red?


    3. Dave
    4. Viggen
  3. You keep on knocking but you can't come in......

    1. Stary


      your erotic pursuits are nothing of our concern sir!

    2. Stary


      hehehehe sorry Dave, had to vent my grim somewhere ;)

    3. Dave


      That's funny.

  4. Its cold outside and I'm hot, go figure.

  5. Death by powerpoint for A+ class. Only 2 days left.

  6. Football. We will now have continuous football from now until February!!!

  7. Can a duck be pigeoned toed?

  8. The 8th Air Force during World War II, lost 26,000 men in the skies over Europe. Mind you that isn't the entire Army Air Force, it was just the 8th AF. That is more than the entire Marine Corps lost during World War II. Battle proven since 1941.

  9. Nor crown nor coin can halt time's flight. Or stay the armies of the night. King and villain, lad and lass, All answer to the hourglass.

  10. War, war never changes.....

  11. I freaking forgot my gym shorts!¡!!!!¡!!!¡

    1. daddyairplanes


      Well hopefully today wasnt a run or treadmill day.



  13. Did PT with the wife. Week 2 of interval training Sheila David Slavens ran my ass off.

    1. macelena


      No interservices rivalry, i guess

  14. Sure was good to see old friends. Jeff Tolle

  15. God damn Russians

  16. Wow this has been a long night so far.

  17. Happy 4th everyone, kicking ass and taking names since 1776.

  18. Who is more the fool? The fool or the fool who follows?

  19. Why are anti-gun people so violent?

    1. whiteknight06604


      and so ignorant. ;)

    2. FalconC45


      cuz if they don't get their way, they act like 2 year olds.

  20. I haven't heard a thing. I wanna make the world turn around. You're either with me...

  21. LA Kings win the Stanley Cup.

  22. I'm miserable....what else is new.

  23. Wendell Lee SlavensPrivate First ClassC CO, 5TH BN, 7TH CAVALRY, 1ST CAV DIV, US ArmyOxford, IndianaBorn: 23 Feb1948KIA: 17 May 1967

  24. Tigers sweep the BoSox in Fenway for the first time since 1983. Also have the best record in baseball.

    1. Viggen


      Yeah, yeah rub it in. We'll see how they're looking come end of season.


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